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Geo Trax Train – The GeoTrax Toy Story

Each of the kids will enjoy playing with Geo Trax Train in toytown. Now even features working lights for your enjoyment. Especially now before Christmas. GeoTrax Christmas in Toytown can easily become a family favorite every Christmas season.

In the period with the month of holidays, Christmas Train GeoTrax Christmas in Toytown RC Train is a good toy set for boys to own.

A train is usually a good Christmas gift for boys because of love for machinery and additional cars.

Increasing the family holiday spirit with Christmas Toytown Teach

Now, this Geo Trax Train Christmas in Toy Town Set will enhance the holiday spirit with holiday music as well as Santa mini figure is roofed with sets. Making trains depart chuggin ‘down the track this Christmas and purchase this train set for children.

Control teach with remote control

In this game, trains can be pushed along the rail or, as many children are wont to do, pushing along the floor in any desired direction.

Handheld remote control makes it easy for a child to make a moving train on the tracks and turn on lights and sound files. There is a forward / reverse controls that children can be used as the train made its way on the railroad tracks and turn the lights on the mini-sites such as the passing.

Easy Rail Station has some features

Easy Rail Station has some bright features that come with the windows of the station, one hour and street lights. There were lights on every vehicle and a Santa train on the entry of the machine or behind, in that caboose.

Another important thing contained in the Geo Trax Train Set includes that 16 Snap Lock rail is durable and long time. Efficient, there are also signs that we can place it anywhere along the rail. There are holiday decorations that can be broken into tracks so it can turn on a family holiday atmosphere. There is an additional bridge, street lights and the station.

Trek even operating under the bridge to help you get so much to see switch trains. There is also a skating rink with floodlights you do the job. There will be holiday music swirled to bring the heart of Christmas into your private property. Geo Trax Set this Christmas season, certainly in time with Christmas and the pieces are included to give you really feel the heart of Christmas.

Be generous this Christmas lets your little engineer this train that they are really going to enjoy. This can be a time for giving and receiving additional gifts in this way would be to paint a giant smile on a little boy’s face.

So, do not let this Christmas pass you by without getting on the train Toytown Christmas GeoTrax set.


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