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How to Get and Close More Sales

To be an effective salesperson you need to be able to get in front of people, share your product and help people meet their needs by possessing what you have to sell. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you only need to be in front of people who have expressed a prior need. Such thinking can kill your Insurance sales career.

Why? Because there is a small number of people who express a need for insurance. Given the number of agents out there trying to meet with those people it;s fair to say that these potential clients are being bombarded. I know it makes sense to go after the warm crowd (those who won’t hang up initially if they initiated the call or sent in a mailer). These actually are good leads. The problem for most agents is, there are not enough.

If you happen to work for an Insurance company that has writing managers it;s fair to assume that they will be dealing with the hot and warm leads that come to your company. These include call ins, walk ins and leads where the person who sent it in has an immediate desire to see an agent. But for the average agent you must be ready to find ways to reach people without waiting for those types of leads.

When you purchase leads those leads typically are sold to 3 or 4 agents at the same time you get them so you are racing to get the call in as fast as possible. Lead companies tell you upfront they sell these same leads to multiple agents as a way to make optimum profits from each lead they generate. Is it fair? No. But is it reality? Yes.

If you want more sales you have to convert the group of people who have not expressed a desire to get insurance. This means we have to get people to first look at insurance, then listen to the benefits, then hear a sales close and make a decision. Much like the grocery store which never advertises all the products they have to offer but they advertise enough to get people to come in and see what they have to offer. We have to do the same thing.

I wish I could offer you an easy way to make money when you are in Insurance sales. But that would be a lie. Insurance sales is hard and in order to make it, you have to find new prospects.

I wish you well in your search.


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