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How To Improve In Magic: The Gathering

Besides just reading articles all the time, you should also always keep yourself updated with the available cards in the format through visual spoilers or browsing through discussion forum constantly. When a new format is about to be released, go through the whole spoiler card by card to know every available card in the format, even you did or did not attend the prerelease. Doing so would help you prepare your games and decks against cards in the format, as you know now which card could single handedly destroy your deck or vice versa against another deck.

An example here would be the all-star dredge deck that was amazingly powerful and popular a year back in extended. It was so powerful that every deck prepares multiple sideboard slots against it, but is the deck prepared for these sideboard cards? As the deck revolved around its graveyard, it has to take into consideration all cards that could single handedly destroy it, and how to go against them. You will need to pack permanent removals for Leyline of the Void, Tormod’s Crypt or Yixlid Jailer. Is that enough? Do you win when your opponent is tapped out? No because there’s lots of Ravenous Traps running around! What if you don’t have 3 cards going into your graveyard this turn?

There’s still Faerie Macabre to consider! However, when a deck board in such cards which does not interact with itself, it makes the deck weaker against different source of threats. Several pros attempt to attack this angle through a transformation sideboard of heavy creatures and equipment. Doing so would in return caught the opponent who might (or might not) boarded in a million anti graveyard cards, and thus stealing back the sideboard games. This is a basic example of understanding the cards available in the format against you, and vice versa against others, could help you win or lose a game.


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