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Increasing The Memory And Game Compatibility Using R4 SDHC V210T Card

The high demand of memory capacity was the reason why R4 SDHC was released. This card was released in 2008 in order to keep up with the increasing number of gamers who are looking for a better memory. The previous release can only hold of up 2 GB of memory and can only hold up to 10 games at once.

The R4 have made a good job of trying to mimic the original R4 card, while greatly increasing the capacity of the card. This can be used by people using Nintendo DS and DS Lite while allowing them to watch full-length high definition movies while keeping their games saved.

When Nintendo released the DSi in 2009, it made the R4 cards obsolete because the R4 cards can no longer run on the latest console releases, but surprisingly, the sales of R4 didn’t stop. The price of the DS Lite became so cheap that people would still prefer to use DS Lite instead of using DSi. For this reason, the R4 cards became surprisingly popular while leaving behind DS cards in terms of sales.

The manufacturers of R4 cards wanted to give the card a fresh look and instead of being in a black box the newest R4 card called R4 SDHC v2.10T is now in a golden box. This is the biggest step forward of the manufacturers of R4 cards because the cards that are not compatible with Nintendo DSi were ignored since the release of the console.

The latest R4 card can hold up to 32GB and the freshly rewritten chipset and firmware had decreased the loading time of the card by half. Aside from these impressive specifications, which allow the players to enjoy their games with a higher performing memory, there are still a lot of things that this card can brag about. Try to find out all of them by using one for your games.


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