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Interactive Advertisements For Xbox Kinect

Microsoft announced earlier that they will be placing interactive ads within Xbox Kinect. They have also named some of the big names that will act as their advertisers like Chevrolet, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The ads will work depending on the games that the player will be playing. For example, if a player owns a Kinect Joy Ride, then he will be able to test drive a Chevrolet while playing the game.

Xbox Kinect continues to rise in the industry of motion-sensor gaming and is expected to receive more than 3 million sales by the end of the year. This will be sold for $149.99 and with a free game called Kinect Adventures. This will be released by Microsoft on November 4 in US, November 10 in Europe, and November 22 in Japan. There are already several retail stores where you can pre-order yours with bundles like Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart.

Xbox Kinect currently has 2 bundles available; the 4 GB and the massive 250 GB. Both bundles come with the latest Slim Xbox 360 with built-in Wi-Fi, wireless controller, Xbox Live, and Adventures. The 802.11m Wi-Fi is the best feature of the Slim 360, and will allow the players to communicate with each other faster and easier. You can also download your favorite movies and games faster with the help of the Xbox Live. This feature also uses 1080p and 5.1 sounds surround system that will allow you to enjoy the game, or the movie better.

The 250 GB is a special edition that will allow you to save more games, and is much bigger compared to the 4 GB Kinect. This will allow you to save your games in the hard disk of your Xbox 360 and not in the console. This will prevent your console from being used every time and will preserve the good working condition of your new console.


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