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Magic the Gathering: An Introduction

Imagine two mages facing off on a field of scorched surface, throwing spells in the battle of wits that tests the psychological ability of both wizards. They summon creatures from several planes of existence to combat for them while they sling spells of existence, protection, death, chaos and the gales of nature to do their bidding. They are also summoning other mages of comparable abilities and taking advantage of artifacts of power to aid them in their epic combat. 1 mage is being dressed in a hooded robe of plain colors, face shrouded by shadows of spells cast and creatures dealing with sweat dripping all the way down their face from exertion. But the other mage, they look way too familiar. It’s you! And it’s Magic The Gathering!

Magic: the Gathering can be a collectable investing card game, or perhaps TCG as they are typically called, based on a illusion setting full of multiple planes, dragons, goblins, elves, faeries, magic, and mages of great power having the ability to travel between these planes to carry out their own ends. These planes traveling mages are called Planeswalkers. In Magic the card game, players usually face off within a one-versus-one setting, in which the thing is to make their opponent unable to continue battling the other. This can be accomplished in different strategies, the 2 more usual tactics are making the opponent’s life energy total proceed down to 0 from 20 and making the opponent’s deck run out of cards using your own spells; essentially, eliminating them off from casting any further spells.

Magic has been conceptualized by the great mind of one Richard Garfield, who labeled the game Magic in its beta evaluation. It was seeing public print back in 1993 by the gaming corporation Wizards of the Coast. Since 1993, Magic: the Gathering, or MTG as it’s commonly referred to, has expanded to deal with a player base of over Eleven million people around the world as last counted in 2011. There are several who throw spells in a casual establishing a large collection of deck styles, and individuals who participate on a world-wide scale to end up being the best, just like no person has ever been. Wait, that’s a different game, and I’m shouting again. It’s a game that’s got evolved a great bargain, and is also always evolving and growing.

Now, it’s not all dog eat dog, kill or be killed among mages. The truth is, you will find zones just where mages play Magic: the Gathering in a casual setting, in which the objective is generally to have some fun; sort of like sparring. In some cases, even more than two mages, perhaps even teams of mages, are able to all share the battlefield in a multiple player style setting! So it will not make any change if you wish to desire to be the best duelist around or if you choose to have a casual bout along with your close friends, there are lots of approaches to discover a world populated with dragons, undead, and spell-slinging planeswalkers, have a great time, and may your travels throughout the planes be outstanding!


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