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Preparing For The Complex Process Of EMC Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility, or EMC, simply means that an electronic piece of equipment must work in the way it was intended in the environment where it is installed and/or used. If the electronic equipment generates energy disturbances, other products may be influenced. Conducted interference, immunity problems, and radiated emissions can result in disturbances.

EMC first became a problem in 1920 when the problem of cars passing by caused electric interference on a chancellor’s radio. Today, the reliability of every electric product depends on EMC, leading to the need for EMC testing. Each aspect of electromagnetic compatibility must be taken into account for every electrical product designed and made and every installation. This includes common household products like televisions, washing machines and telephones in addition to complex products on a grand scale such as vehicles aircraft and more. Many of these products are susceptible to problems with EMC and can have serious problems when they exist.

EMC is not something that can be reached and then forgotten over time. New technology continues to bring EMC issues to the products that are introduced to the market and installed. Although EMC testing tells you if there is a problem with an electrical product, only an experienced technician can use the process to full advantage.

Before the Test

The complexity of the testing process requires the technician to take a number of steps in preparation before the test is performed. The parameters that will be monitored must be determined prior to the test, along with the signals that are critical to the product’s operation. They will also need to understand the equipment under test, or EUT, and how it operates. When setting up for EMC testing, the technician will need to determine if the EUT is mounted on conductive or non-conductive materials and whether there is a single- or multi- point ground.

Planning for a Successful EMC Test

Careful planning and an in-depth knowledge of successful EMC testing procedures will help the tester get accurate results. The plan should include:

• How the EUT works including the operational modes and interface signal types.

• Select Proper Operational Modes by Test including noisy modes, critical modes or whether there are any finite EUT processing loops that need to be taken into consideration.

• Determining whether the EUT will support the testing process and whether there are any unusual power requirements

• Determine if the test equipment could have an impact on the test results or what modifications need to be made to enable accurate test results.

Each EUT and its environment will need to be subjected to test to determine if it is able to function within the environment where it will be used. For large items that will need to be tested in situ, special equipment and planning may be required. Smaller items may be tested at the testing facility of the company your hire. Hiring an experienced EMC testing service will ensure you get accurate results and a quick resolution to your problem.


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