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Selling Final Expense by Phone or by Car?

So which direction will you follow? Will you take the traditional route and sell final expense insurance by car through face to face interaction with prospective buyers or will you make your sales by phone?

The majority of agents will advise you to go with the face to face method rather than going through the telesales route. They have a couple of reasons to back their decision. First, it is too expensive to get leads and you will burn a lot more leads if you sell over the phone. The other prominent reason for selling final expense life insurance through the traditional route is that most people will not want to trust you and provide their personal information over the phone. It is easier to take the buyer into confidence if you are having a face to face conversation.

It requires a different kind of confidence and perfection in speaking when you have to gain the trust of seniors and sell insurance by phone. It is often the case that people will hang up on you and you will exhaust your leads within no time.

When your prospective client is sitting in front of you, you will have their complete attention, whether they like to talk or not. When they see your face they gain more confidence in what you are saying instead of speaking to an unknown entity. Sometimes when you call a person, they will disconnect the call mid-pitch but when you meet them at their home, they will eventually purchase the coverage.

This tried and tested, age old method is still the most effective way to sell insurance. Eventually, these final expense leads turn out to be the best kind of leads. When you are selling seniors final expense life insurance over the phone, you just have one chance.

If you still want to sell insurance by phone, it is better to generate your own leads. It is quite simple, all you need is a simple script, a speed dialer and a head set. You can also generate internet final expense leads by developing your own website. Some agents make sales by phone through direct mail final expense leads.

Whichever way you follow, you have to be creative. There are clear advantages to both these sales techniques, and what it comes down to is high volume of calls (and knock-backs) versus the slower personal approach whereby you are more likely to close the sale. Either way, you are required to work hard every day in order to find your prospects. If you have any questions regarding selling final expense insurance, feel free to contact us.


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