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Should You Market Your Insurance Business On Your Vehicle?

If you own an insurance business, doesn’t it make sense to advertise that on your vehicle wherever you go? Did you know stickers on a car which are for a particular candidate are considered to be worth $250 worth of marketing material? And consider this; that would only be during the election season. In other words it would take that same $250 worth of newspaper ads, or cable TV ads to influence the same amount of votes. If this is true, how about a bigger sign on your car one which you left all year around? What if you shrink wrap your car with one of those really cool marketing messages?

Okay so, now I’ve got you thinking. If you had a giant phone number running along the side your vehicle with six or seven inch high letters, along with the name of your insurance company, and also an advertisement on the back trunk lid, or in the window of an SUV or minivan; that would certainly draw people’s attention. How many people might see that sign while driving around? How many folks who just happened to be in the market for insurance that week? What if you offered free quotes or rate checks? All you really need is a phone call right?

Answer me this; what is the percentage of phone calls to actual insurance policies that you currently write? Is it 30%, 40%, or is it 50%, maybe it’s even higher than that? If so, you need to get that phone ringing, and you have to drive around anyway, and a one-time expenditure for putting a sign on your vehicle, which could include everything from a magnetic sign to vinyl lettering, or even a deluxe shrink-wrapped might be the ticket. As you do this, you might go to the grocery store and park at the end of the row, where everyone has to drive in.

While you are shopping, your car is busy advertising, and everyone has to see it to drive by to get to the street or to pull into the parking lot. You might go to a movie or to dinner and park your car strategically, each time you do, you could be potentially getting more business. Not only would that pay for all of your entertainment because you will be writing more policies, but it is also good branding for your local small business anyway.

People need insurance, you are in the insurance business, and therefore you should be thinking here. It is my sincere hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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