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Softball Hitting – A Step-By-Step Approach

The game is tied, bottom of the sixth inning, runners on second and third and you team has two outs and are trailing by one run. As you make your way to the plate the only thought in your mind is the need to simply make good contact. But on the walk you realize that for the past three weeks all you have done is pop up to second base or hit slow ground balls to third. And now the thought of making good contact seems to only be a hope.

The art of hitting in softball is very different than hitting in hardball. Here you are no longer trying to determine what type of pitch is coming your way. You are no longer concerned about the miles per hour that the pitcher is throwing. And the last thought on your mind is what location the ball will be as it passes home plate. Now all you need to do is watch a rather large ball float through the air and make a slow drop towards the plate. Since the pace of the game is slower, the pace of an at bat is also slower.

Since pitch speed is no longer of importance then bat speed is vital. The best way to improve bat speed is to narrow the size of the front foot step to meet the ball. In softball it is important that you control this step. It should only be for a few inches and your front foot should never be picked up off of the field by any measurable distance. Controlling your hitting step will increase your bat speed and enable you to make better contact with the ball.

The one simple and true law of hitting a slow pitched softball is to make contact with the top half of the ball. Any ball that is hit on the bottom half will either be a pop up or a long fly. Both of these types of hits normally will result in another out. And of course this is the exact opposite of what is wanted and expected in slow pitch softball.

By concentrating on the top half of the ball you will be setting yourself up for success. If you miss the top half by just a fraction then you will be making contact with the equator of the ball and will thus hit a line drive. With good bat control you will then be able to hit the line drive to any field or opening that you choose.

Now then, by concentrating on the top half of the ball and making good, balanced contact, you will be able to place the ball to any field you desire. Now you will have the opportunity to drive in runs, turn singles into doubles, and maybe clear the bases with the all important home run. The secret is concentrating on the top half of the ball. Spend time in the batting cages to make this second nature and enjoy a rise in your batting average that will most certainly have more than one beer bought for you by your teammates after picking up the victory.


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