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The Qualities Every Insurance Agent Should Have

Every insurance agent should have these qualities. The qualities that we are going to explore will cover all aspects of the person from who they are on the inside and what they look like on the outside. It is about becoming the person that you can look at with respect and feeling confident in the person looking back at you in the mirror.


Compassionate: Compassion is the act of caring about someone. It is being able to listen to their needs and care about finding the best solution for those needs. Insurance agents that lack this quality may find themselves struggling in their business. That is because those that are truly successful understand that their success depends upon their ability to show compassion to their customers.

Respectful: It is hard to believe that this would have to be included but you would be surprised how often I have seen someone walk into a situation, tell their customer how it is going to be, and completely miss the mark. Respecting your customer means to listen to their needs. Ask questions, seek clarification, don’t bring your personal bias into the meeting. Remind yourself that your customer has their own believe system and respect them for who they are.

Attentive: Listen, engage, and be attentive. Understand that your customer is attempting to relay important information and it is your job as the insurance agent to understand what they are asking from you. If you don’t understand you might end up selling them the wrong policy and when that happens nobody wins because as soon as they realize they don’t have what they want, they will simply cancel the policy and go with another agent. Be attentive, it saves time and trouble later down the road.


Well groomed: Well groomed simply means look put together. If you have a long beard make sure it is combed and presentable. You hair should be clean and you will want to have bathed prior to meeting with your client. You only get one chance to make a first impression so make it count.

Dressed appropriately: When it comes to what you should wear if you are a woman avoid clothing that shows off too much. You have to remember that you are visiting families and they may have different values or may not appreciate someone coming into their home that are dressed in a way which might be considered objectionable. A nice blouse and slacks work great or something along the lines of business casual. For men, wearing closed toed shoes is a good place to start. Shorts are acceptable only during the summer and only when combined with a nice top, no wife beaters or comment t-shirts that a potential customer may be offended by.

Free from distractions: Free from distractions means that you keep your cell phone on mute or turned off, you take off your Bluetooth headset and you if you have a music player you leave that in the car. When you enter the home you will want to make sure that the only concern you have at that moment is helping your customer. If you don’t feel like you can do that it may be better to reschedule the appointment. Leave any drama you have in your life at their doorstep. Don’t bring it inside.

When you have this combination in force you will discover that your insurance business will do better, your customers will respect you more, and ultimately, as a result, you will make more money. While it isn’t about making more money, who could argue that it is a nice benefit for doing the right thing.


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