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What Affiliate Products Should You Promote Next?

There are countless affiliate products to promote as an affiliate marketer, it can be a difficult task deciding upon the best ones for you and your audience.

It’s important to choose wisely. If you pick out the right product you can make a lot of money. But if you pick the wrong product you’ll earn nothing and it may even harm your reputation.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Product creators pay affiliate marketers a commission for sales that they bring in for their products. If an affiliate sells nothing, they earn nothing. And there’s no crystal ball that will tell you exactly how much money you can earn if you choose a certain affiliate product to sell.

How Do You Choose Affiliate Products To Promote?

The first thing to consider when deciding upon an affiliate product to promote is your niche. Your niche will establish what type of products your audience will be serious about buying from you.

Some niches respond better to physical products that are delivered to the customer’s front door. Affiliates can find these kinds of products at sites like Amazon.com, Walmart.com and CJ.com.

In other niches, digital products are the way to go. These are products that a customer can download immediately to their computer following purchase. If you plan to promote digital products, you can find them on sites like JVZoo.com, ClickBank.com, and WarriorPlus.com

What Does Your Audience Want?

Keep in mind that your customers have to be your priority when you’re choosing affiliate products to promote. While you’re not directly creating the products, you have to make sure that people will want what you’re promoting.

This means researching your niche. Participate in industry blogs, social media, forums, Facebook groups and so on. Figure out what people need and want so you can promote the right things.

What Are People Buying Now?

What’s hot right now? If something is super-hot and is flying off the shelves, then you probably want a piece of that as an affiliate. Also consider products that are evergreen. There are certain products out there that will always sell well among the people in your niche because they are always what people need.

Do Some Google Searches

Another thing you can do is do some simple Google searches. You can often find products that are less competitive this way because not many affiliates think of doing searches like this.

Do some searches for “your niche – join as an affiliate”. There are companies out there that run their own affiliate programs and don’t list them with big affiliate networks. This means less competition from other affiliates and a more unique product offering.

Just make sure that you are always focusing on reputable companies who you know will pay you, and on products you’re reasonably sure will convert.


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