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Why Insurance Agents Should Have a Dedicated Web Site

Visitors expect it

The ever expansive attributes of the web have made it more or less mandatory for serious business professionals to host their own sites. People often tend to search on the net first to look for insurance related information. If they cannot find your site, they would invariably end up looking for information from a competing agency. Also in many cases customers decide to directly contact the agent only if they are happy with what they have just read on the site. Hence it is crucial for all agents to have their own web site so that all potential customers can be properly routed to them.

They are more professional

Even if the agent works from a condo, a good looking site will lend you an air of credibility that can do wonders for business. People often have a tendency to assume that a good looking and well informed site correlates to a big and professional insurance firm. Having your own insurance site has another added benefit as well. You can have your e-mail id extensions with your URL ID rather than using regular service providers like Gmail or Yahoo. These small details go a long way towards building your credibility as a reliable insurance agent.

Increasing relevance of buying insurance online

It is way easier for users to buy insurance policies online compared to having to run up and down various agencies. There are several insurance sites on the net that cater to specific geographically marked states and cities which makes it highly convenient for users to get quotes and other information. They can then compare this with what is being offered by other competing agencies and make informed decisions based to that effect.

Your competitor has a site

All insurance companies have realized the need and the scope behind hosting a well developed site on the internet. The more you delay, the better the chances of your competitors towards acquiring a sizable share of prospective clients.

Market expansion

A website allows the agent to expand their opportunities and reach out to a wider audience. Put in some effort to develop key word rich content and market the site online using SEM techniques. This will help you rise up the ranks in search engine queries and will bring a considerable amount traffic to your site. You can have all the necessary contact information posted on the site so that the client can get in touch if they are interested.

Web sites that are quote featured enjoy greater flexibility and are more popular with users. It’s easier to make comparisons with other schemes and the visitor does not have to download multiple documents which can become tedious and annoying to sit and sift through.

Social media integration

It is easier to promote your insurance products on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can add your web site details which visitors or community members can check for reference. You can also start your own company profile pages which will give you more scope and exposure on these social platforms. Happy visitors can ‘like’ the web pages of your sites which further increase the influx of visitors to your web site.


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