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Why Sap Certification Is Important in Securing Jobs

Many positions are available when you look for SAP jobs, but it requires some skills to meet the job requirement. Applicants need to ensure that they are armed with necessary skills to land a job. One of the major skills is that of acquiring SAP certification. Let us understand all about it.

Laying the Foundation

The firs thing that you need to understand is that SAP experience is mandatory for most of the companies. It can be in terms of graphic artists or similar profiles where you will need to begin working. It is imperative to say that when you already have some experience you will be better suited to appear for a SAP interview in any organization.

For a fresher the best advice is that of working in their own field to gain experience. Begin working in banking, manufacturing, supply change management, IT or local government to gain some experience in SAP. After gaining some experience it would be easy for you to enter the field.

Next thing is that of acquiring SAP certification that is an essential qualification. The certification is an exam that is conducted by the SAP AG, it is a leading provider of ERP or the Enterprise Resources Planning.

Let us now understand why the certification is important in securing jobs.

Why SAP Certification is Important?

SAP certification is like other IT skills. If you want to pursue your career in the field as a SAP consultant then you will need to obtain the certification. You need to be updated with the latest news and technology. Your knowledge and your skills will ensure that you are able to build relevant tech services that are required by the company. This will help you secure a better position and better job in a company. However, before you go for certification, you need to know how to prepare for it and what all it entails.

Preparing for SAP Certification

Broadly speaking, there are two things to focus upon. The Functional side and the Technical side.

The technical side is focused upon the programming and module customization. If you want to work with technical and functional aspects of the program then you will be able to find opportunities such as project management with SAP modules, business analysis, planning work-flow and utilize industry solutions. If you want to go for technical courses then you need to have a background of computer science, be a developer or have experience with programming.

The functional side is about SAP modules used for business role. You will need to learn all about using the SAP for different roles. The business roles are categorized according to categories and modules. The modules include the following:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Planning
  • Sales & distribution
  • Quality management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Finance, accounting, fixed assets management
  • Materials Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Compliance/Risk/ Governance

Quick tips to gain certification

  • First choose the field of focus upon out of functional or technical. If you are choosing functional then it depends on your work experience and your educational qualification.
  • Look for SAP certification courses online or in your region.
  • Preparing for the exam well in advance require studying with relevant universities or colleges that offer courses for it.

You need to be dedicated, focused and study hard to gain certification after which you will be able to begin searching for SAP jobs that suit your skills.


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