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Yes, Certifications Matter in Custom Cable Manufacturing

When most individuals seek out custom cable manufacturing, whether privately, corporately or professionally, they often overlook the certifications of the potential supplier. For the layman, and even for the business owner, certifications are simply acronyms, following the supplier’s name. However, for a company that prioritizes custom cable assemblies, those certifications can signal experience and proficiency. Without the proper certifications, the company remains a question mark as to reliability and quality. Yes, certifications do matter.

What does the term certification actually mean?

Certificates for most people are meaningless and just one more thing with which to pad a resume. For companies who specialize in building custom cable assemblies, however, certifications signify an adherence to policy, standards and regulations in the industry. There are several different types of certifications available for custom cable manufacturing, but generally, a company must exhibit to a regulatory agency that it is professional and able to follow the guidelines of the industry. Classes, experience, and inspections are just a few of the requirements for many certifications.

There are different types of certifications.

The International Standards Organization, or ISO, is the most common accreditation agency and should be the first requirement you find in a company. The ISO concerns itself with standards and quality in producing certain products. For a company that is qualified with the ISO, you will find they have a set protocol for developing their product. When a company has protocol in place for manufacturing a product, they have ensured the safety and quality of their cable assembly.

The UL certificate, or Underwriters Laboratories, is a strong indication of a quality product. With a UL symbol, the consumer knows the product has been tested by a regulatory agency, and the product has met the requirements of safety and quality. Additional certifications also include environmental trainings for environmentally safe procedures.

Custom Cable Manufacturing Certifications:

For the custom cable world, companies can be certified by the WHMA, or the Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association. This is the leading organization for certifying cable assembly manufacturers. Before WHMA certifies a company, the business must first establish that the protocols and policies for developing a cable or wiring product is safe and that it meets the standards of quality. A WHMA certification ensures that the company has undergone training, at the very least. This is a great indicator of a quality company and product.

As a consumer, you need to know the product is safe and efficient.

Essentially, certain certifications and specific inspections indicate, at the very least, that a company has complied with the standards of the industry. The company’s ability to produce a safe product is confirmed with proper accreditation. For a consumer who needs quality wiring and custom cable manufacturing, it is important to know that the company you have chosen to develop your products is invested in safety, quality, and efficiency. Certifications can offer the consumer this confidence in the company.

With the proper certification, the consumer will know the company has met the standards of safety and quality.


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