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000-081 System X Technical Principles V9

There are many people who are looking for great job opportunities but if you do not make the job opportunities then you would not find them. The competition in today’s I.T. field is such and you would have to work hard to get that opportunity. Now, a degree of B.Tech I.T. is just not enough for you to get a job is such a high profile company. The profession demands more from you as there are many candidates who claim to be as efficient as you are but do not deliver the goods. So, if you are talented and inherit some of the skills that match the job profile then you need to certify them.

The certification is one way to prove to your recruiters that you posses what you claim and if that certification coming from a well renowned company such as IBM then there is no looking back. Therefore, in today’s market you need to have the skills and more importantly certified skills. The IBM offers certification of System x Technical Principles V9. This is the certifications that relates to the people who are looking to work with servers. The IBM servers are vast and it requires lot of hard work into the subject. This is why if you are able to get this certification from IBM then you have what it takes to be associated with IBM.

You would be taught the skills of dealing with servers, knowing their architecture, knowing about server family and their options. The other sets of skills that you would learn are virtualization technologies, installation, system management, its maintenance and troubleshooting. The information on its topics can be found on the IBM website and its examination code is 000-081.

In order to clear the examination you would be asked at least 67 questions and you would have to answer them in 75 minutes. To get the 000-081 certification you would need to have 67% percentage. So, best of luck!


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