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000-202 – Storage Enterprise Technical Support

About 000-202 Exam:
This 000-202 exam certification is for those professionals who consults with large customers to analyze the customer needs, select and plan the implementation of storage products from the IBM portfolio.

Industry value of 000-202 Exam:
This exam is one of the important and top of the line certifications in the field of IT professionals. Present phenomenon of job market gives high priority to these certified professionals. So the industry value of this exam is huge.

Job benefits of 000-202 Exam:
Job benefits of 000-202 exam are as follows:
� Understanding capability of key concepts and terminology
� Identify opportunities like work load consolidation, Data warehousing and visualization.
� Contrast with present customer environment and competitive offerings at a level consistent with the customer audience.
� Product selection and apply characteristics.
Â� Solve customers’ business problems.
� Agreed post-install support, facilitate installation and configuration.

000-202 Exam course:
You can get help from the online or offline training courses to prepare for the 000-202 Exam. Some training courses are being offered by the IBM itself and other authorized study centers where you will get all necessary study materials like e-books, latest journals, self-test or mock test software etc. Besides this one should keep him/her updated with latest trend in market, especially in the software technology. You will come to know about different course material and other things when preparing for this particular exam, you just need to be up dated on all the latest material that is available like journals, e-books and other study materials that will make your learning simple and trouble free.

Study tip for 000-202 Exam course:
In order to get success in the 000-202 exam one has to regularly check its knowledge base with training mock tests which will enables him or her more with the exam objectives and handle properly the exam time management.

Recommendations for 000-202 Exam course:
Highly recommended prerequisite skill for this exam is minimum 18 direct presales experience with enterprise level of customers which will enhance chance of getting high percentage of marks.


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