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1Z0-225 – Oracle Certification For Inventory and Purchasing

Oracle EBS R12 is applicable for those who are involved in inventory and purchasing section. The exam code is 1Z0-225 and the duration of the exam is 150 minutes. There are a few certifications that are associated with this and that would include Oracle supply chain expert consultant, purchasing. The exam fees are around $195 and this price would differ from country to country. In order to appear for the exam you could register online. There are 60 questions in the exam and 60% of the questions would come from the inventory section. One will have to score at least 60% in the purchasing section. There are two main sections in and it is essential to clear both the sections with minimum passing score. The passing score of this test may vary every year and it depends on the level of difficulty of the exam.

In case you have failed in the exam, you would have to wait at least for 14 days in order to retake the exam. The candidates are allowed to take an online retake certification. If you have passed an exam, then you would not be allowed to retake the exam and you would also be not allowed to retake a beta exam. Certificates would only be given to the candidates who meet all pre-requisites of attending the certification. This certification would only correspond to an individual and not a company. The exam is periodically updated with new syllabus and hence the passing score of each exam would strictly depend on the level of difficulty of the 1Z0-225 exam. In order to understand the questions involved in the exam, you could download the sample questions available for free download. Practicing these questions would help you better in the exam. There would both be scored and unscored questions and your 1Z0-225 exam results are based on your performance in the scored questions.


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