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2 Tips For Boosting Your Affiliate Marketing Income Easily

To make more money with your affiliate marketing efforts, you should know that you should be aiming for the highest form of “conversion marketing” as possible. I say conversion marketing because the most effective form of affiliate marketing doesn’t involve direct linking… it involves doing something to condition your prospect to an idea or product, and then leading them to the product page where they can possibly buy.

Now with that said, you should know that affiliate marketing isn’t easy. It’s an easy business to get into, but it’s tough to get sales on the regular. There are a lot of perks to affiliate marketing, which is why so many people are attracted to it. But you should know that some work is involved if you want to have the most success as possible.

In today’s lesson, I want to share with you some tips that you can use to earn as much money as possible with your affiliate marketing efforts. All of these techniques are things that are simple and easy to do, and you should have no problem implementing them in your online business. Here’s the first tip:

1) Create an opt-in email list

You will hear around the web that “the money is in the list”. This is true. You need to make it a point to gather as many opt-in leads as possible so that you can sell to them over and over again – thereby increasing your sales, and giving you astronomical conversion rates.

Having an opt-in email list the backbone of your internet business. I heard one famous internet marketer say that if you don’t have an email list, you don’t have an internet business. Once you build your list for about 2 weeks, you will more than likely experience a sale. This is generally the amount of time it takes if you’re emailing your list every 3 days.

Having an email list is essential for your affiliate marketing success. Don’t promote your raw affiliate link and direct link it to the product page. Condition your prospects, make them love your content, have them subscribe to your email newsletter. It’s as easy as that. Here’s another tip for making affiliate marketing work for you:

2) Get a website

Many people seem to think that they don’t need to have a website to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. Well this couldn’t be further than the truth. If you want to increase conversion rates, boost the amount of people clicking on your link, and be able to promote your affiliate link on the major outlets online… you need your own website.

Trying to market an affiliate product with a “URL shortener” is amateurish. Be a professional, take your business serious, and promote your products in the right way. If you don’t, you will only experience dismal sales, and I know that this is something that you definitely don’t want.

Don’t listen to the “gurus” or “fast money” marketers who will tell you differently. They will say to create a lot of blogs and insert your affiliate links all across them.

This is absurd.

Don’t do this, build a legit business, and focus on making one product success one step at a time. The more you do this, the more likely you are to have the success that you are looking for in your business.

Good luck with your affiliate marketing efforts today.


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