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35 Bland Words That Lose and Bore Buyers

IF YOU ARE LUCKY your prospect might bypass a few bland words. Changing your very common bland words can be enough for your entire message to be read. When there are numerous ones, you exceed the dangerous point, and your prospect terminates reading your message.


1. KNOW -recognize, indentify, distinguish, realize, experience

2. MANY -numerous, countless, several, various, loads of, a lot of

3. MUCH -greatly, a lot, a great deal, to a large extent

4. GOOD -excellent, respectable, worthy, superior, quality ,lovely, delightful, pleasant, enjoyable

5. OFTEN -frequently, time and again, .repeatedly, habitually

6. WANT -desire, fancy, crave, covet, need, intend, choose

7, CALL -label, describe, identify, term, name

8. NICE -pleasant, good, kind, polite, fine

9. SEE -observe, notice, witness, spot, distinguish, picture

10. LOOK-seem, appear, give the impression of,

11 OUT -away, not in, absent, not available, elsewhere

12. SMALL -tiny, little, minor, insignificant, undersized

13 ANSWER -reply, respond, react, response, fulfill

14 CHOICE -option, alternative, pick, preference

15 START -create, begin, establish, pioneer, initiate

16 HIGH -tall, elevated, soaring, towering, far from the ground

17 SEND -launch, fire, throw, mail, forward,

18 BEST –top, finest, greatest, unsurpassed, excellent

19 PAY -wage, salary, fee, compensation, reimbursement, earnings

20 TOTAL -entire, whole, full, overall, complete, full amount

21 HEAR -find out, understand, listen, pay attention to

22.SOUND -crash, jingle, swish, clatter, thud, noise

23. REVIEW -evaluate, appraise, assess. examine, study, look at

24. FIRST -initial, primary, original, to start with, key, essential

25 TIME -occasion, instance, moment, point, period, stage, phase

26 OPEN -undo, release, begin, start, unlock, unfasten

27. PUT –place, set, lay, position, situate, leave

28.UNDERSTAND -comprehend, know, appreciate, recognize, realize

29. FOLLOW -pursue, go after, ensue, stick to

30. REACH -contact, arrive at, access, connect, make contact with, attain

31 BEFORE-earlier, previously, already, ahead of, sooner then

32 DESCRIPTION -report, explanation, sketch, portrayal, account

33 OFFER -bid, propose, suggest, agreement, submit

34 DIRECT -straight, non-stop, express, target, aim, as the crow flies

35 MADE -complete, ended, prepared, finished

DON’T FORGET TO ADD SOME POWER WORDS. Words like, unbelievable, incredible, outstanding, super, magnificent, and charming provide an extra boost.


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