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A Shepherd Versus A Sheepherder In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers spend most of their time trying to find ways to drive traffic to their site. Traffic is defined in the dictionary as “the movement of vehicles, ships, persons, etc., to an area”. Traffic is a group, often thought of as a thing; something that you can count.

In the affiliate marketing world, we tend to watch traffic by numbers, rather than by the faces of real individuals with thoughts, opinions, and feelings. The personable touch customers used to receive when they walked into the neighborhood market, has been replaced with numbers and percentages instead of faces, handshakes, and smiles.

A huge percent of the population of the world are still more comfortable going into a store than buying from the internet. The number one reason, above all else, is trust.

• Is the product I’m buying what I think it is?

• Is this company reputable?

• Is this company reachable?

• Will the product really arrive after I pay my money?

• What if I don’t like what I purchased, can I get my money refunded?

Then of course there is no personal contact, no handshake, no one to ask all your questions to, no one to speak to if the product doesn’t deliver, and no one who really cares about the customer. How can we do all that on the internet?

Consider Sheep and Shepherds. Shepherds in the Middle East are famous for the way they love their sheep. They treat them kindly and they selflessly meet their needs. As a result, the sheep follow them around wherever they go.

In other areas of the world a sheepherder tends to drive his sheep to his desired location. He maintains control of his sheep and demands that the sheep go where he wants them to go.

The difference between the shepherd and the sheepherder is the way the sheep behave. With a shepherd, the sheep follow their him wherever he goes. He doesn’t have to force them to do anything; they follow him because they trust him. With a sheepherder, when the sheep get a chance, they stray off on another path.

Here are some interesting facts about sheep.

• 1. They become familiar with their shepherd and get nervous with an unfamiliar voice and face.

• 2. Sheep stress and panick easily.

• 3. The main method of defense for sheep is simply to flee from a perceived or real threat.

• 4. Sheep tend to leave darker areas and move into lighter areas.

• 5. Sheep flee at loud startling noises.

Affiliate Marketers Could Learn A Lot From Sheep!

In a way, people are a lot like sheep.

1. Customers become familiar with one company and are nervous with an unfamiliar company.

2. Customers stress and panic easily.

Money. How much is it?

Email address. Why do you want it?

Reputable company? Don’t cheat me.

• 3. The main method of defense for a potential customer is simply to flee from a website.

If customers don’t feel comfortable, or like what they see, they leave. That’s a simple truth.

• 4. Customers tend to leave darker areas and move into lighter areas.

They are looking for honesty, something that is user friendly and personable, as well as a website that has respect for the customer.

• 5. Customers flee at startling noises.

Have you ever clicked into a website and suddenly there is a loud noise you don’t want? The first thing you do is find a way to stop the noise, or click out. Suddenly, you are trapped by a pop up that says: “Wait don’t leave this site.” That’s why customers flee websites.

How To Become A Shepherd Instead Of A Sheep Herder

1. Be honest. Don’t try to mislead anyone anywhere.

2. Don’t try to squeeze every last dollar out of your customer’s pockets.

3. Respond to all emails courteously and timely.

4. Make yourself available. Provide phone numbers and email addresses.

5. Sell quality products that you have personal interest and knowledge of.

6. Don’t brag about your personal success.

7. Be sure your websites and email are high quality.

8. Be generous, give free advice or merchandize.

9. Do as you teach.

There is a lot of satisfaction in having customers as friends. Be a shepherd and your customers will be loyal followers.


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