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A Video Marketing Guide For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

We have discussed the significance of Video Marketing in our first article. Now, we will try to scrutinize every part of the process in order to understand every detail. It is very important for us to picture the whole thing before starting.

How To Effectively Utilize Video Marketing

1. Start with Keyword Research.
When creating traffic for your site or blog, you need to use keywords. Keywords are the terms that the viewers type to the search engine tool in order to find the video that they are looking for. The video will then lead them to your site through a link.

When deciding for the keyword you will use, make sure that you are going to use the long tail strategy and come up with 2-3 word keywords.

2. Create the video right away.
After deciding about the keywords to be used, start making the video in order to utilize the fresh ideas that you were able to compile in your mind during the first phase.

• Use a webcam or a flip camera, you can choose what is available in your office. Make sure that you have a good quality video,It will certainly make a good impression.Use screen shots or a slideshow if you want another way of presenting.

• The introduction should be short. You can use an article that you made before for the same traffic activity. Make the video short, 1-2 minutes will be enough to convince the people to visit your site.

• When choosing an accompaniment or background music, don’t use copyrighted ones because that is against the rule. Convert the video into AVI, MOV, WMV or MP4, that way you will be sure that it will be accepted when you submit it.

3. Submit The Finalized Video
Prior to the submission, you have to decide where to send it. There are a lot of sites aside from YouTube where you can send your video.

• Create a good title for your video, something catchy. Use the keywords that you have decided to put. Make a description that will surely be relevant to the video. Again, use keywords as often as you need them. But you have to make sure that it will not be tagged as spam because of too much repetition. Do not forget the URL; place it first in the description. When placing tags, keywords should also be used.

• Link your video to your social sites. Make it available to everyone by selecting the ‘public’ button after selecting the category where it should belong.

4. Finally, promote.
Use it as a response for some currently existing related videos. If you believe in give and take system, you must subscribe to other people’s YouTube channels and ask them to subscribe to yours in return. You can also invite friends to subscribe.


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