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Affiliate Marketing – How Many Campaigns Is Enough?

In many aspects of life more is better, but in the eyes of many successful affiliate marketers, more is not always better. When trying to determine how many campaigns one should have in order to meet success, it is quite difficult to come up with one specific answer. Not enough may be detrimental if something goes astray in the particular niche that you are presently in and having too many may be too difficult to devote the necessary time to make each and every endeavor successful.

This has always been a question that many affiliate marketers have tried to answer, and to be truthful, there is no correct answer that is inclusive to everyone or every situation. The answer has to come from trial and error as it is also person specific as the methods for success are not global to all affiliate marketers.

Some marketers have found out that having only a couple of campaigns at once have put them at risk of losing it all when they all take a turn for the worse. At some point, this may be unrecoverable if the amount of money invested is a totality of what is available. On the other hand, some have noticed that by having too many campaigns at once puts them at risk because they are unable to devote enough time to each and every site/niche. This puts them at risk because eventually they are left behind in an industry that is currently seeking an expansive amount of growth.

Through the trials and tribulations of creating campaigns, adding campaigns, and maximizing what you already have on the market, you can in time determine how many campaigns is enough for you to be successful. Within this industry, one has to expect and understand that there will be many ups and downs along the way, but perseverance and determination is the key. You have to be willing to accept that things will not always go as planned, and more importantly, that time changes everything. At one point in time, one niche may be high in demand, but two years later a new a new and improved product comes out making the old one obsolete.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and have yet been able to experience what I am talking about, there is something that you must comprehend; with every success story that you can create there are likely to be 10 stories of failure that are also created. What I mean by this is the fact is that not every campaign, niche, or marketing attempt is going to yield positive results, and more likely, not the results that you were hoping for. Otherwise, despite what you have heard, success does not come over night, but instead it comes over time by enacting many of the positive aspects that you have learned over time pertaining to internet marketing.

My best advice to you is simple; take the slow approach at first until you are able to fully comprehend and master the campaigns that you have. When you have done this, continually expand until you get to a point where you are either overwhelmed or the market in your area is no longer. There is no way to predict this industry; if there was, everyone who enters would be reaping the success that they are hopeful of achieving.


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