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All You Need to Know About Exam 220-601

Exam 220-601 is one of the Comp TIA’s certification examinations and the exam name is Comp TIA A+ essentials. This certification is designed for the candidates who wish to gain skills and knowledge in the ability to support the computers that have several software as well as hardware configurations. This exam is the mandatory examination for Comp TIA’s A+ certification.

How exam 220-601 suits best to the candidates?

For writing this examination, there is no prerequisite required to the candidates and this certification is designed for the candidates who wish to start a career in the information technology field. However, this examination will help the candidates to certify with higher level certifications such as MCSE, CCNP etc. After successfully completing this examination, candidates can get various job opportunities in top multinational companies. Some of the job roles include PC support technician, IT technician, Enterprise technician, call center technician, depot technician, Bench technician and help desk technician etc.

How to prepare for this examination?

Candidates can practice for the examination in the following sections and they are:

1) Motherboard installation in the computer case

2) Install and removal of memory modules in the motherboard

3) Identification of different part names in the computer and its functions as well as characteristics.

4) Identification of motherboard components such as floppy disk controller, hard disk controller, expansion slots etc

Exam 220-601 objectives:

The following are the exam 220-601 objectives and they are:

1) Networks

2) Security

3) Printers and scanners

4) Communication and professionalism

5) Portable devices and laptop

6) Personal computer components

7) Operating system

Other details of the exam:

The examination comprises of 100 multiple choice questions and all questions are mandatory. The time duration is approximately 90 minutes. Minimum score to pass in this exam is 675.


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