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An Easy Way to Make Money Online?

Is there an easy way to make money online? If by easy you mean “no effort” than no but if instead you are looking for a system that is easy to implement then the answer is a resounding yes. You see there are no ways of making money online that don’t take a fare amount of effort, but there are methods that are quite simple to learn and implement, and with a bit of hard work and persistence can be very profitable indeed.

Over the past six years I have tried many online marketing strategies, with varying degrees of success. Some were very easy to implement but made very little money and others were profitable but very complex, or needed a large investment to get started. But by far the easiest to implement in terms of simplicity, start up cost and potential profitability is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you have never heard of affiliate marketing allow me to give a brief overview.

In short affiliate marketing entails you recommending a product to a potential buyer and receiving a commission if they purchase. You can become an affiliate for almost any company and promote almost anything that you can think of.

How do I Know what types of product to promote?

This is where most people get it wrong. You would think that the first thing you need to do is find the perfect product and then find potential buyers for that product. While it is possible to to do it this way you would in fact be making things much harder for yourself. It is much easier to find a group of people who are actively seeking a solution to a problem and then find a product that solves that problem and market it to them. These are your desperate buyers. Or find a group of people who are so interested in a subject that they would literally buy anything and everything to do with that subject, Trekkies, gamers and golfers are good examples. Or they may buy everything put out by a particular manufacturer such as Apple. These are your rabid buyers.

Finding a niche market

Now as we have just seen golfers are often extremely passionate about about their sport and are potentially a good market to target. But if you searched the word “golf” on Google you will get millions of results from golf tournament results to golf shoes, books on how to improve your golf, golf clubs, golfing coaches etc. As you can see this is a huge and varied market and someone looking for golfing lessons might not be interested in the clubs you are promoting.

We need to be a little more targeted in our marketing and so we need to dig down a little deeper to find a niche within the overall market that we can market to. So how about golf clubs? This is much better as it is more specific and would target people who are searching online for information about golf clubs. But this is still too broad as some of these people may be looking to sell there clubs or looking for a golf club to join or just looking for pictures of gulf clubs for a project they are doing etc. We are looking for people who want to buy golf clubs, so we can make that our broad niche and then go deeper specifying a particular type or make or a particular sector of the golfing community for example “golf clubs for beginners” Now we have a Niche Market.

How do I find a product to promote?

You can sign up to a particular companies affiliate program through their affiliate page or sign up to an affiliate network like commission Junction or ClickBank where you have a vast choice of products from different companies that you can promote.

How do I promote my chosen company or product?

Once you have chosen your niche market and signed up to an affiliate program you will then need to set up a simple website on which you can promote your chosen product and direct traffic through your affiliate link to your to your vendors website.

Getting started the right way

With a little knowledge and the right tools you can be up and running in no time. There are many resources online from which you can learn the skills necessary to be successful at affiliate marketing.

So if you are seriously looking for an easy way to make money online and willing to put in the time and effort, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it can be.


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