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Are You Losing $200 a Day?

If you’re target income is $100,000 and you’re at $50,000 now every day you don’t move closer to hitting your target you’re throwing away $200 in immediate income. When you account for the time value of money this number becomes almost frightening. So why would any sane person allow this to happen?

As a coach there are two groups of people that drive me nuts that I will not work with. The first group is the group of people who are great at talking and planning yet when the rubber meets the road they always have an excuse as to why they can’t take action. The second group has heard everything before or already knows that. If you’re one of these people it’s time for a wakeup call.

If you want different results better results it will require change. Change is uncomfortable and change is hard. No matter what kind of change you want to make it will require action.

Your degree of success is determined by your commitment to action. Not just any action, but right action. Confusion between action and right action leads most people to work far harder than they need to with poor results to show for all that hard work.

It’s true you’ve probably heard everything you need to get the success you want somewhere somehow before. There really aren’t new ideas in relation to most things in this world, and sales has been around since the beginning of time so everything you could ever know about sales has probably already been discovered by someone. However, there is a cavernous difference between having heard something from knowing something and truly understanding it and implementing whatever you’ve heard or know.

That’s where the $200 a day catch 22 comes in to play. Yep, you may know it or have heard it; but if you aren’t getting the results you want you aren’t implementing what you know or have heard correctly. The flaw in your implementation could range from slight to enormous.

Struggling doing the same things hoping they’ll produce different results is by definition insanity. The problem is you think you’re doing everything right when you aren’t because you can’t see the mistakes you’re making yourself. You can only see the results you’re getting indicate something isn’t working.

So what do you do? Do you continue to throw $200 a day $4,000 a month away while you try to figure out what you may be doing wrong? Or do you decide it’s time to stop the financial blood-letting and decide to take action to make the course corrections needed to get the results you want?

Only you can decide. Logically you would think any reasonable person would decide to do whatever it takes to get the help they need to close the gap between the results they want, and the results they’re getting. But if you’re thinking that sounds like what you want to do then you aren’t in either of the two groups that drive me nuts.

You are ready willing and able to make a decision to take action and then take that action. You recognize you have an opportunity to make improvements and see the impact of those improvements on your bottom line. You will get the help you need to increase your sales, and reduce your learning curve and frustration.

Believe it or not there are some people who would rather be a victim blaming everything and everyone else for their poor results. There are people who believe they already know everything there is to know who can’t be helped by anyone. But you aren’t one of them so if you aren’t getting the results you want make a commitment today to work with a coach and get the results you deserve.


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