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Auto Loans – Interest Rates and Your Credit Rating

Just about everyone in America today needs some form of transportation in order to commute to work, home, shopping and even leisure. The average American family normally has two cars since both husband and wife need to drive to the various important locations. The wife normally does a lot of car-pooling, grocery shopping and bill paying. The husband does car pooling, business trips, and takes the family on vacation. When the family grows and teenagers start driving then the family soon finds that the purchase of a third or fourth car is to their advantage. The teenager has many functions to attend plus going to the mall and hanging out with their friends. The vehicle in the American family soon expands from a one-two car family to a four-five car family. The price of a vehicle is never cheap a car cost today what a home cost back in the 60s. The process of getting a loan should not be time consuming. The finance company is the number one resource for obtaining a loan for your vehicle.

The problem of not having good credit does not prevent you from getting a loan for the vehicle of your choice. Many auto dealers advertise that bad credit, no credit no problem we can finance you. There are many safeties put into place that keep the individual from reneging on the loan. The dealer now has the capability to put a device in the vehicle that they can use to track the car and even turn the car off so that it is not moveable. This protects the auto dealer and finance company from losing vehicles to anyone who has no intention to make payments. The ideal situation for the people who you buy the vehicle from but not for the consumer because if you get laid-off, cut back on payday or some other event prevents you from having enough funds to make a full payment then the car is made immobile. You are not able to use the vehicle for any other purpose. When buying a vehicle watch for all the details in the loan make sure that you have the right to ask for a skip payment whenever necessary. You should be able to ask your finance company for help if you are unemployed so that you can use the vehicle to help seek other employment.

The interest rate should be of great concern to the purchaser of a vehicle because a high rate can cost you triple the amount of the asking price of the vehicle. The ability to refinance your vehicle made possible in order to help you lower the interest rate saving you on cost and lowering your payments. Most finance companies do not have a problem with a refinance or you trading your vehicle in for a newer more up to date model. The finance companies find that if you are the type of creditor who pays his bills on time that you are a good credit risk. A good credit risk means that the finance company is able to make money, which is why they are in business. The longer your finance company is able to maintain a good profit level the more you are able to find financing. Finance companies not only offer loans for vehicles but they offer financing for student loans, mobile homes, RVs and small business loans.


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