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Automobile Equity Loans – Fixing Credit Report Problems

Borrowers with bad credit can get emergency cash by applying for subprime debt instruments such as automobile title loans. Bad credit is usually caused by missed or late payments to creditors that you owe money too. So if you have ever paid your utility bills late, missed a few payments on your credit card or have outstanding medical bills because your insurance didn’t cover a procedure you are likely to have a low score.

Since most lenders report this information to one of the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion they will keep records of your credit history on file for years. Lenders use the information collected by these agencies, to determine the risk in lending to you.

The agencies will lower your rating and lenders will see lending you money as a high-risk investment, if you have a history of missed and late payments on your previous debts or home mortgage. Once you acquire a bad rating, it will be very difficult to get money from traditional lenders.

An automobile equity loan can provide emergency cash for subprime borrowers, but it can also help improve a borrower’s rating if it is paid back on schedule, strictly according to the repayment terms of the agreement.

How To Use an Automobile Equity Loan to Rebuild Credit

The major benefit of taking automobile equity loans is that even if you use your car as collateral, you get to keep and drive your car while repaying the debt. So you will not disrupt your lifestyle, as long as you manage your budget and repay the debt on schedule. To reestablish credit, you need to demonstrate an ability to manage your payments and debts wisely and responsibly.

An automobile equity loan is secured by the borrower’s car equity, which is used as collateral for the loan. Having bad or no credit record does not restrict you from getting an equity loan, but should you default on the payments, your automobile will be seized and sold, in order for the lender to cover the debt and the costs of the process.

An automobile equity loan must be paid back strictly following, the payment schedule in the agreement, in order to boost your rating. The agencies are then notified of your record of payments. And because the bureaus are more focused on your recent payment activity, consistently paying back the debt on time, will help you establish a more positive payment history.

To use an automobile equity loan to reestablish credit, its best to take a short-term loan with a lender that offers competitive interest rates, that way you will be paying the least amount of interest over the term. Some lenders are licensed to operate multiple states including Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina, Oregon, and New Mexico.

Find a reputable lender that offers auto equity loans to those who have bad or no credit and offers flexible terms to help borrowers make payments according to their needs and financial situation. Also make sure the lender charges no pre-payment penalties, so you are not penalized for trying to pay back the loan earlier than the terms of the agreement allow.


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