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Business Insurance Leads, What to Look For

For agents in the Insurance industry that are considering buying business insurance leads it is very important to research the Insurance lead company before you do business with them.

Here are a few things to consider when buying business insurance leads.

For starters. Where are the leads coming from? You want to make absolutely sure that the Insurance lead provider that you are considering is obtaining their business insurance leads on their own through lead generation web sites that they own and operate and can deliver them to you fresh.

Otherwise, you run the risk of purchasing recycled leads.

Also, look for the lead companies that do not require you to purchase contracts in order to do business with them.

If their leads are of good quality you will no doubt continue to buy so their would be no need for a contract.

If the company you are considering does require a contract you should either move on or continue to gather more information.

Look for low minimum deposits. Anything that is $300 or below would be considered acceptable. For instance, say you make a large deposit and find out that the leads are not any good. Is there any guarantee that you will get your money back?

Lastly, speak with someone in sales or the customer service department. Ask as many questions as you feel is necessary to find your comfort level.

If the company does not have a number for you to call than move on to the next one.

Who are you going to call when you need a refund?

If at any time you are not happy with the customer service you are receiving while doing your research than it is more than likely you will not be happy with the leads. So again, move on.

Remember, you work hard for your money, so make sure it is being spent in a way that will make you more money. Good luck!


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