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Clickbank – Benefits As A Vendor

Are you currently a vendor of ClickBank? Do you have your own product that you would like to sell and make more money with? If so, then ClickBank can be a great option for you. As a vendor, there are many perks of being one. If you want to get more affiliates to start promoting your products, then you should become a vendor.

As a vendor, a lot of things work in your favor. You get more affiliates, more traffic, more sales, more customers, more notoriety in your niche, and much more. And if your product happens to be one of the best selling products on ClickBank, you can expect more and more people to promote it – even the “super affiliates”.

“Super affiliates” are those underground amazing affiliates who knows how to sell anything online. They typically make 6-figures alone just off of affiliate marketing. They probably have other income streams also, so they’re just decked out waiting for something new to promote. And if your product appeals to them, they will definitely promote it.

Now to join ClickBank as a vendor, you will have to invest $50 to be included into their marketplace. They will review your product and sales materials to ensure that everything is up to their standards, then they will let you know what steps are left to complete the inclusion into their marketplace.

Sometimes they will email you about something small like not having a contact page, not including a disclaimer at the bottom of your sales page, or not having the proper information on your download or “thank you” page. Nevertheless, after all of these issues have been corrected, your product will soon be approved, and you will find yourself with new affiliates immediately.

Now there is something that you need to know about affiliate marketing in general. Only about 10% of your affiliates will make the most money for you. The other 90% have no idea as to how to bring in a steady stream of income, and will generate you sales here and there – but nothing consistent.

To keep your 10% satisfied, you may want to offer them benefits. Tell them that they’re a part of the elite affiliates for you, and that you have gifts for them for being so effective at marketing your products for you. This will even inspire them to do more marketing and getting more sales for you.

To keep track of your most successful affiliates, you will need to use a ClickBank compatible software/program called “EasyClickMate”. It’s by a guy named Adrian Ling, and this product is stellar. Basically it allows you to manage your affiliates, and track their statistics – along with other helpful tools you will need as a vendor. Be sure to check it out.

ClickBank is definitely a great place to expand your marketing base and start bringing in new revenue for your business simply and easily. It’s just up to you to get started. And I assure you that the process is very easy.

Good luck with being a vendor on ClickBank.


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