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Looking for a cost per action network? If you don’t know about CPA networks or CPA offers you are in for a treat. You probably have heard of affiliate marketing and understand the possibilities. Affiliate marketing usually focuses on selling products and getting a commission on the sales that generate. Cost per action is a form of affiliate marketing and you might want to try a CPA network called Affillion.

Cost Per Action with Affillion

You might be familiar with some of the easy affiliate marketing programs online like ClickBank. CPA networks like Affillion are a little bit different. You have to go through an approval process to get involved with CPA.

ClickBank might instantly approve your account but CPA networks like Affillion will want to talk to you personally before they give you the green light to promote offers. CPA offers are different because they might not require making a sale to earn income.

Internet Marketing with CPA Offers

You might already have a blog and you might be familiar with ways to earn income online. Setting up a blog and putting Google AdSense on it is common these days. CPA offers another way to earn income online. Instead of making money when someone clicks on a Google ad, you can earn income through CPA by your prospects performing an action. What kinds of actions can earn income through CPA? You might earn a commission through one of your prospects entering an email address or a zip code. You might also earn an income for someone downloading software. There are lots of ways to earn with cost per action networks.

Cost Per Action – How to promote CPA offers

There is a big difference between CPA offers and some of the other affiliate marketing programs that you have heard of. When you setup a blog with Google AdSense, you don’t really care where the end user is coming from or how they get to the offers. With AdSense, you earn when they click on ads. CPA is different. There are more rules and regulations with CPA. The offers might be targeted at specific regions around the globe. They might have a certain demographic that they are looking for. You have to pay attention to the offer rules to keep your account active. Going outside of the CPA rules can get your account banned and you don’t want that. Make sure that you read the rules and abide by them.

CPA Affiliate Manager

When you join a program like ClickBank, you don’t get an account manager. You just get your affiliate ID and you are off to the races. With CPA, you get a contact person called your affiliate manager that will help you. The affiliate manager is there to help answer your questions and provide the information that you need.

Affiliate managers will usually provide you with contact emails, phone numbers and instant messaging info. Some affiliate managers are really easy to reach. They are a resource and you want to build a good relationship with your affiliate manager. They can tell you want the good offers are and they can provide some clarity when it comes to promoting offers.

CPA Affiliate Emails

When you are approved with a CPA network, you might start to receive emails about the offers. Offers can get launched and expire quickly. You have to stay on top of the current offers and be ready to respond when offers expire. Affiliate emails can let you know the new offers available and the offers that are pausing.

There are lots of CPA networks online. If you are thinking about adding cost per action offers to your online business, get the information that you need to choose the right networks.


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