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Details For BEA 0B0-106 Certification Examination

BEA SOA foundation examination is the exam name for BEA 0B0- 106. This SOA certification program is linked in two programs apart from BEA. They are IBM as well as ZapThink. SOA can be defined best as an information technology strategy that will organize the functions containing in enterprise application in to the interoperable as well as in the standard based services. After successfully completing this certification, the candidates can perform certain things and they are:

1) Articulating the SOA solution value in the context of business strategy.
2) Evaluating as well as gathering customer business requirements, identifying, current process documents as well as infrastructure that is related to the business requirements.
3) Assessment of the client’s readiness that is for SOA in both technically and organizationally.
4) Defining a roadmap for SOA governance as well as adoption
5) Determining tasks and services that are based on business process model
6) Establishment of service definitions that will satisfy both functional as well as non functional requirements
7) Articulating design decision and architectural decisions
8) Providing review as well as guidance for SOA management, deployment and implementation.

The BEA 0B0- 106 examination is available in three phases and they are:

Phase 1: BEA SOA Foundation approvals
Phase 2: BEA SOA implementation as well as adoption
Phase 3: BEA SOA Enterprise architect review board

Training materials available for this examination:

For practicing BEA 0B0- 106 examination, there are several materials available in the online and websites like testking.com, Just4exam.com etc offers several options in the study materials like questions and answers, study guides, online training classes, labs and even audio examinations. Candidates can select any one of the sources that will suit best them and practice for the examination. After successfully passing with this examination, candidates can receive their score card within 5 to 8 weeks.


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