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Easy Ways of Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions by 30%

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative and unique ways of making lots of cash online. Millions of people transacting business online are making frantic efforts to make cool and easy money through affiliate commissions.

At the dawn of the internet marketing many years ago, many people were ready to purchase your product without giving a second thought. But it has changed drastically today. Shoppers are becoming more skeptical about buying products online. So, you might be surprised at the whopping number that won’t be interested to buy your product online.

However, as someone who is making his earnings through affiliate marketing, you need to be vigilant at all times because there are a wide range of scammers on the internet. If there is an issue in the system, you will be shocked at the number of people who are ready to take advantage of the situation to dupe others. Some knowledgeable ones among them will try to hijack your affiliate ID so that they can have access and eat your commissions. Someone can easily hijack your affiliate link if he or she is well versed with HTML and JavaScript.

Furthermore, there might be few people who would be jealous of you making money, so instead they will not like to buy through your affiliate link. This will affect your earnings to a great extent. Below are some nice ways you can disarm hijackers:

Use a JavaScript redirect page-you can hide your web link with the assistance of a JavaScript, this will definitely redirect subscribers to your affiliate link with or without their notice. Thus, your ‘naked’ affiliate link is not clearly stated in your email messages or Ezine ads, except when people are being redirected to your affiliate link.

This very method is being used by a wide range of domain redirection service websites. Always use JavaScript encryption in scrambling up the page code. In sincerity and honesty, there is no 100% solution to this problem, but make sure you are referring people through your affiliate link; this could be the only way to achieve more commissions. Check out ‘convert affiliate’ if you are truly searching for a tool that will assist you earn affiliate commissions even from people who would not want to click your affiliate link. Try to link people to their choice of business through your affiliate link so that you can maximize on profits. It is possible to make extra dough through affiliate commissions


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