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Exploding Insurance Sales Messages You Can Write


Face it, just because someone can sell insurance policies, it does not mean they can write. You do not have to hire an outside writer it you follow the tricks and tips that produce extraordinary results. YOU CAN easily transform your direct sales mailer to one of the best insurance sales mailers pulling in maximum response.

In fact, how would you like to know how your response results will weigh in BEFORE your sales message is sent out? Consider that a decent business to business person letter scores a 1% response. Will your sales message score this high, or will you receive more sales leads or less sales leads than average? Score your insurance sales message with these professional recommendations. Afterwards, have another associate also score your present sales piece. Remember that rewriting your sales message after the preliminary scoring could move your newly revised postcard or letter right into the winners circle.

1. Up to 75 points. The insurance mailing list you are using. Provide yourself 45 points if you use a list of prospects just meeting one common criteria, like all being licensed insurance agents. Give yourself 55 points if over half the people on the mailing list were removed because they didn’t meet the standards of a good prospect. With insurance agents that would mean they were too captive or too new. Raise up your score to 65 if another desirable feature existed, like your refined list only contained independent and semi-independent agents. Award 75 points if your direct mailing sales piece comes from a list of agents who already responded at least once to selling a product similar to yours.

2. Up to 20 points. Only 10 points if your sales message headline mentions basically only your agency or company introducing a new product. “ABC company announces a brand new product”. 15 points if your headline shouts out to the client how your product benefits them. 20 points, if it does the above in such an electrifying way it knocks their socks off. This is achieved with emotional adjectives, verbs, and power phrases injected.

3. Up to 5 points. 0 points if your sales messages takes a full line to (1) mention your company rating, or (2) your previous bio of achievements in sales and awards, or (3) the company all expense trip, or (4) an award for reaching a certain amount of production. SUBTRACT 5 points for each of the above over one. Chock up an extra 5 points if all are avoided.

4. Up to 15 points. 15 points when your sales message describes 3 key benefits the prospect will receive by using your products. 10 points for 2., and 5 for 1. Subtract 3 points for each additional benefit listed. or missed. If you can clearly identify an emotion(s) with your key points like fear, greed, happiness, security. You get 3 more points and a pat on the back.

5. Up to 6 points. 6 points if your sales message mentioned a limited time to reply, or a that a limited number of responses would be accepted. Minus 3 points if it failed to do so.

6. Up to 4 points. 4 points for offering something Free, without obligation, just for responding. and talking to you. ($10 gas certificate, sales video, sales book, etc). Minus 2 points if you missed the opportunity to get more leads.

7. Up to 4 points. 4 points for letting the prospect know why your are choosing to mail to him. “Out of 30,000 agents in your state, “We are sending this message to 3,000 like you, that have a history of selling annuity products.” Lose 1 point if you miss it.

8. Up to 5 points. I point for each item listed on your sales message. Telephone number, email address, office state location, website url address, and cell phone number. Add 5 Bonus Points, if your telephone number is a toll free one.

9. Up to 10 points. 0 points for “Call 555-555-5555”. 10 points for inducing a positive response. “Our phones are personally answered up to 6:00 P.M. Mountain time by a live person do call right now”. “If you call before 5:00 P.M. ask to speak directly to Dave Richards, our Chief Marketing Officer.” “Relaxing with a tall cool one, go to our website page at ### to receive a full page of details about this fantastic product”. “Call right now while the 4 top level openings are available.”

10. Up to 6 points. Full 6 points if you add a P.S. to your sales message. After the headline, this is the most often read next. It should in 1 line summarize your best benefit. Zero points for no P.S.

11. Up to 6 points. Make your postcard or letter stand out. Unusual. Use a color envelope, a 6″ by 9″ over-sized postage (with super low bulk rate postage) or a short message on the address side. 0 points for cheap and plain.

12. Up to 6 points. 1 point for each action or stimulating adjective phrase, or verb that you inject. Your sales piece should be exciting to read. “breathtaking, remarkable, conquer, just like superman, write your own check, captivate, closely guarded secrets, action and results, tantalizing, etc. 0 points for missing out.

Now score your sales message. A sales message with 100 points would likely mean a 1% return. The lowest you could get would be 50 points meaning your response rate opportunity is 0.5%. This is under the national average, yet similar to many common insurance messages. Of the hundreds and hundred of sales message pieces we have seen the average is about 90, and most of that is because of good list selection. 170 is the ultimate score. On a 10,000 piece mailing that means 70 more responses! If you got 40 to take your offer, with a $600 profit after marketing expense you would net $24,000 more.

Consistently sending out a 140 to 170 point sales message to your prospects could put you in a higher tax bracket.


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