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Free Insurance Selling Techniques – Effective Sales Questions That Sizzle

There are many free insurance selling techniques out there that are completely ineffective. What causes this is that effective sales questions for selling insurance are completely different from those used in selling refrigerators. Discover how to not only make your questions effective, but techniques to make them sizzle.

Only one way exists to keep up with the latest effective insurance sales techniques. You must constantly stay on the lookout for new information and evaluate it. Read everything available about techniques, and more importantly, find the must ask insurance sales questions. As a result, it won’t take long for you to become an influential authority.

Salespeople with the most effective sales techniques have the knack of knowing when and how to ask sales questions. For the answers to what insurance sales questions to ask, you must read the entire article.


You must ask questions to find out more about your clients and what their emotional need hot spot is for your product. Your clients also need an opportunity to ask you further questions. This is why before giving your sales presentation you go through a two-part question and answer phase. At first you will ask questions to gain information. Therefore they require a conversational response back.

Once this is through, you ONLY want you prospects to answer your questions. Strictly questions that do not have a yes or no answer. Instead, your questions are answered by their opinions or choice of product selection. By getting all your prospect questions answered first, a sincere prospect cannot trap you with an objection later. When it is you who asks the question first, you are always the one in control.


Here you ask questions to build trust and to compliment your client. Ask them what caused them to start collecting ________. Inquire which is their favorite and why. Compliments are golden, but be sincere when you give them. After this say, “Before we begin is their anything you want to know about me?” Chances are you will get a “not really” reply, which is what you want. If they ask more than a couple questions, they are probably still skeptical about you. You have not yet earned their trust.

It would be FANTASTIC if first you could ask for the sale, first get you prospects to commit to buying, and only then provide your prospects with just enough information to make the sale. Well you can, and it does not require handcuffs, ropes, or weapons to do so.


Your goal here is to find out if your prospects are interested qualified buyers. Just as important, you must find out what emotion will motivate them to buy. Start right off by saying, “A lot of my customers like my product for different reasons. What interests you in this _____ offer?” “I know many ways that you can benefit, but what comes to your mind as how having ______ insurance will help your situation? Have you ever considered purchasing ______ in the past?” “Are you interested in fully solving the emotion need we discussed of ______ or starting to solve it? Did you hear about my _____ product from one of your neighbors or relatives? Fine.” “So it sounds like you at least realize the importance of having _____ and now it is my job to give you the details, Right? “Thanks, I really appreciate dealing with intelligent people like you.”

IF the pre-selling phase does not go well, or your prospect is skeptical, you walk. You do not sell information, you do not beg, you do not follow up, you move on.


Now you have given your prospective insurance clients enough opportunity to talk. From here on it, you will adjust your sales presentations to the answers they have given you. It sort of like fill in the blanks and fill out the sales application. You should have total confidence that completing the sale is merely a procedure. Strongly highlight how you can solve the problem they have (not owning your product). However, limit your reasons to the emotional reason they have already given you. Also limit your questions to the client. “How am I doing so far?” is a great question to inject. “Would paying ___ for the high benefit ___ product appeal more. Or does the very basic plan fit your investment for this ____ product fit best?

Few questions can make the transition from presentation to application any better.


Besides making a sale, you are seeing prospects for a purpose. First is to gain rapport . Next is pulling the pain out of your client and see the concerned look on the prospects face. Last is having the commitment to proceed to solve the problem with your product. Knowing when and what sales questions to ask is one the most effective sales techniques you will ever learn. As your knowledge about implementing a technique continues to grow, you will begin to see how important asking the right insurance sales questions fits into the overall scheme of things.

As you probably realized, most of the questions were not sizzling hot. They did set the selling scene and get your prospects wanting to work with you to make a decision to buy. There it is, free insurance selling tips and a technique you can put into immediate action.


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