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General Insurance Agencies – Campus Recruiters Destroy Insurance Sales Jobs

Too bad that career general insurance agencies hire campus recruiters to deceptively persuade students to enter insurance sales jobs. The recruiters scouting the college campus are ignorant of the reality that awaits people they lure in. The general insurance agencies managers carry the blame and the hefty profits. Find out more.

College campuses are the biggest moneymakers that career general insurance agencies could have nearby. The agency goes out of its way to target students soon to become college graduates. This is where the use of insurance campus recruiters comes into effect.

The career life agency hires in a few Ken and Barbie looking people with no insurance experience background to be their campus recruiters. These are people that can memorize a canned script and make it sound oh so real, truthful, and enticing. Plus since they themselves never know how hard insurance sales jobs really are, they are unable to distinguish between truth and fantasy. Insurance campus recruiters are also hired on the basis on how well they can smile and sell prospective agents on the extremely exceptional benefits only their general insurance agencies can provide.

The campus recruiter attends every campus recruiting day, job fair, business expo, they can find. The general insurance agencies also sponsor lavish recruiting events. The goal is to make career insurance sales jobs appear far superior to any offer by any other company in the area could offer. Lies and deceit are the 2 main ways to fight off their competitors’ guaranteed benefits and incomes. Since bonuses figure into recruiting, the insurance company campus recruiters start stretching the truth as far as they need.

The term “life insurance agent sales job” quickly turns into “fast advancing financial planner”. As far as initial income, the career agency is able to pay an income subsidy of say $3,000 monthly. This is almost presented as a short term base salary without little or no mention of production requirements.

At an interview appointment, Ken or Barbie pumps hefty doses of sweet visions though the student’s mind until the sweet aroma of money is tickling the nostrils. Once the student is mesmerized enough, the campus insurance recruiter goes in for the kill. Where else can the student lock in a position, and pass the state insurance licensed before graduating?

QUESTIONABLE PRACTICES: Why did the college campus recruiter usually have 100% authority to hire the student to become an agent?. Why was the prospect’s financial history not looked into before hiring? Are there any study loans to pay off?. Can the student feel comfortable to sell financial wealthy business people? How does the campus recruiter even know if the prospect can actually sell?

THE RESULTS. 70% of campus recruited agents are working elsewhere after only 12 months. This zooms to 84% at 18 months, and crashes at 90% around the fourth year mark. THE ONLY WINNER, and a big time winner at that are the career life general insurance agencies and company headquarters. When an agent leaves, usually due to not making enough money, the hawks swoop in. Automatically all remainder first learn premiums plus all future renewal payments are locked into the insurance company hands. Just for a dose of injustice, take the profits off one agent and multiply it by 50. So what if the insurance campus recruiters did not do well for the agents hired in… the insurance agency is thrilled if the agent writes enough policies before moving on.


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