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How Affiliate Marketers Flip Websites

The term flipping websites typically refers to a situation in which one buys a website with every intention of turning a quick profit by reselling it soon after. There are different techniques to how to go about flipping a website depending on what exactly one’s goal is when buying the site. Most of my experience comes from a background in internet marketing, and below I will offer some suggestions for internet marketers who would like to get involved in flipping websites.

My first piece of advice is that if you have your affiliate marketing skills down, there is often a lot more money to be made by holding onto a website in which you see potential than in simply reselling it. While this may not strictly be referred to as website flipping, it is the same basic idea and potentially many times more profitable. The goal is simple, though not always easy: find a website that is being auctioned off at an online marketplace for significantly less than it is worth, and then monetize the website more effectively once you are the webmaster in control.

In order to be able to these types of websites which are highly lucrative, you have to know what to look for. Essentially, you are trying to identify websites with quality and unique content that are non-monetized or monetized incorrectly. The type of website that I have come across most frequently that fits this description is a website with interesting information but a mismanaged monetization strategy. These websites oftentimes already have a loyal readership, quality search engine optimization, strong backlinks and an infrastructure ripe for success. The problem is that the advertising strategy did not exactly correlate to the nature of the traffic which frequents the website, and therefore it is nowhere close to living up to its potential.

Along comes the affiliate marketer and after buying the website, he or she decides to promote products on the website relevant to its content. Instead of relying on annoying banners or ineffective pay-per-click models, the goal is to sell specific products with a highly particular model in mind. This can be done in a number of ways, though in my opinion the most effective way is by creating a section on the website dedicated to product reviews. Especially in circumstances where there is already targeted traffic coming in, the only thing you need to do is provide a convincing case to buy a relevant product.

This is in effect substantially more lucrative than traditional website flipping because you get to maintain control of the website, earning dividends into the future. This also saves an internet marketer much of the tedious labor typically involved in creating a website on which to market products. The only requirement besides for internet marketing experience and decent writing skills is a budget large enough to invest in established website. Once you have your website earning money, you can either choose to resell the website-typically websites with revenue from affiliate marketing sell at ten-twelve times the monthly revenue-or you can choose to hold onto the site and continue collection commissions.

Once you have the technique down, simply rinse and repeat with other websites you find where are being sold for less than what they are actually worthy. Expand your portfolio of websites and watch your monthly profit from commissions rise exponentially!


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