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How Cisco’s 642-533 Works Best to the Candidates?

Cisco’s 642-533 is one of the Cisco certification examination. The exam name for exam 642-533 is Cisco IPS (Intrusion prevention system). As from the name itself it is clearly understandable that this examination will test the candidate’s knowledge in implementation of Cisco IPS products.

Exam 642-533 objectives:

The following are the exam 642-533 objectives and they are:

1) Upgrading and maintaining the sensors of 642-533
2) Describing the sensors of 642-533 exam in advanced system parameters
3) Installation of Cisco IPS modules/ sensors and configuring the essential system parameters
4) Describing how the sensors of 642-533 are used for mitigating network security threats
5) Tune the sensors of Cisco IPS Advanced system parameters that optimizes the performance of threat attack mitigation
6) Analyzing the events in sensors of Cisco IPS that determines the appropriate network attack responses

How Cisco IPS works best in the organizations?

This exam helps the organizations in certain ways by:

1) Protecting more than 30,000 threats
2) Frequent necessary updates that prevents from upcoming new versions of threats
3) It also prevents from other dangerous attacks like worms, botnets, directed attacks, application abuse and malwares etc
4) It stops the outbreaks In the network level before the desktop entry
5) They prevent losses from theft, defacement as well as in other disruptions.
6) It safeguards intellectual properties, protects brand reputation and decreases the legal abilities.

Other details:

The examination comprises of multiple choices, drag- drop, built a tree, re- order type questions and it is assured that there are no case study type questions. Examination can be registered in any of the Pearson VUE centers or nearby Pearson VUE center or even in online by paying the exam fee. After the exam fee is being paid, candidates can schedule their examination date as well as exam session.


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