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How Do You Find People To Buy Insurance?

This sounds like a reasonable question, and one I get asked a lot. When I get asked this question it’s a clear signal to me you’re in trouble. You don’t know how to build an insurance business.

And because you don’t know how to build a business, and generate revenue you’re likely to fail out of the business. You’re likely to fail just like 85% of all people entering the industry do in their first 18 month. Not my statistics. These statistics come from the insurance companies themselves. And as they aren’t very flattering for the industry I suspect they may actually be even worse.

When you ask, “How do I find” that tells me you’re still out there searching and hunting for prospects. Rather than focusing on finding you should be focused on being found. Huh? Yes, your main objective is being sought after for something of value to your clients.

When you further ask, “…to buy insurance” that tells me you haven’t a clue what you’re selling. It’s not your fault, you’ve been misled. I just got an email the other day from one of the life insurance associations all pumped up over a new brochure they just created and want to sell to you. Their hot new wonderful brochure is worth less than the paper it’s printed on and the ink used to print it. They don’t get it either.

If you aren’t selling solutions, outcomes, and results you have a steep uphill climb ahead of you pulling a one ton truck behind you. People aren’t looking for insurance. Good grief, most people view insurance as an expense they don’t want to have and don’t want to think about.

Plus the last thing on earth they want to do is get themselves cornered by a dreaded “insurance agent”. Oooooh, yuck pull my finger nails out with a pair of pliers. You know that’s how they react to you.

Look I know you’re ill-used, misused, and abused from all sides. Your prospects think you’re low life or you’d have a real job, your family is pressuring you to get a real job and pay the bills, your sale manager is pressuring you to sell something for heaven’s sake, and your ego is so low you have to use a ladder to get up to the curb. But you know what? You are my hero’s.

You know why? Because you have stick-to-itiveness. When you run into something that isn’t working you just look for a way to make it work, so this article is for you.

The key is making yourself worthy of being found and findable. So here are the steps you need to take:

  • Choose one big problem, solution, or outcome you know a specific group of people you can help have
  • get their interest by communicating to them about that one big problem, solution, or outcome and don’t say anything about you or your company
  • at this point you’ve gotten their interest and attention and now all you have to do is engage them

Now I know you’re thinking, “how can it be that simple when I’m beating my head against a brick wall until I’m bloody, and it isn’t working?” Well it is that simple and the reason it’s been so hard up until now is because you’ve been approaching getting new clients from the “finding” mindset rather than the “findable” mindset. It’s okay, shake it off.

Hot dog you’ve got people actually interested and engaged with you. Simmer down sales breath and slow down. Now you need to sort and select so you focus your time and energies on those ready to buy now.

Here’s a real gut buster. When you get leads now you literally burn through and waste all but about 2% of them leaving lots of perfectly good potential clients in your wake who will never work with you now because of the approach you used. You see the way you start the sales process foreshadows the outcome of the sales process.

I know you’re wacked out sales manager thinks it’s all because you don’t know how to close, but he’s dead wrong…end of story. When you can’t close the sale it’s because of the way you set yourself up in the prospects mind from the first contact. Stop chasing the people who haven’t bought from you up to this point they aren’t likely to ever buy from you because you’ve already blown it.

Don’t waste your time crying over spilled milk take your lesson like a big kid, and don’t make these stupid mistakes again. From now on you’re going to groom all the people who aren’t ready buyers to become buyers. As you do you’ll build on that beginning contact and develop a relationship with them.

A couple more quick points, never forget to provide easy triggers and instant gratification. Don’t make it hard to act once someone has found you. Give them quick, low risk, easy ways to raise their hands and let you know, “hey, I think you have something I want.” And once they raise that hand you want an instant response letting them know you see they have their hand up.

So if you’ll change your question to, “how do I become findable for a specific outcome the people I want to work with want” you’ll be amazed by the change in your results. You’ll not only increase your sales, but it will be so much easier to do so you might be pretty angry. Why angry? Because you’re going to wonder if that wacked out sales manager was trying to sabotage you. No he wasn’t, he doesn’t know any better himself.


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