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How to Certify In a Blackberry BCP-810 Certification Course

Blackberry BCP-810 can be said as the deployment of blackberry solution applications. This program has been designed by blackberry to the candidates who wish to gain adequate on knowledge as well as skills that are related to the blackberry solutions. All blackberry certifications are designed in order to set the candidates in to a separate field that is apart from the applications as well as mobile devices. There are no prerequisites required for writing this examination but it is recommended to the candidates to have knowledge on the following:

1) Appropriate training related with the exam

2) Should be familiar with the product documents

3) Knowledge on how to access the blackberry developer zone resources.

Examination sections as well as objectives:

The following are the examination sections/ objectives as well as the mark weightings for blackberry BCP-810 course and they are:

1) Blackberry device capabilities- 8% questions

2) Blackberry infrastructure- 9% questions

3) High level design in the application- 10% questions

4) Blackberry simulation tools- 30% questions

5) Deployment- 15% questions

6) Deployment tools- 14% questions

7) Security for blackberry- 14% questions

Benefits of blackberry BCP-810 certification to the candidates:

The following are the benefits of certifying with blackberry BCP 610 certification and they are:

1) Candidates will have adequate skills as well as knowledge on supporting and implementing blackberry solutions

2) Candidates can use this certification program as a part of promotional or supplement program in any aspects.

3) Increased proficiency as well as in efficiency

4) Candidates can get advance knowledge and skills on information technology field.

Exam registration:

You can register the exam in online from the prometric website and you can also select your nearest venue. Once you pay the fee of 150 USD for the examination, you can able to schedule your exam time and date. Once you successfully complete the exam, you will receive the score card within 8 to 10 weeks.


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