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How to Gain Knowledge in 642-515 Cisco SNAA Certification?

Exam 642-515 is one of the Cisco’s certification examinations and the exam name for 642-515 is Securing Networks With ASA Advanced. This certification will help the candidates in gaining skills as well as knowledge in the ability to describing, verifying, managing and configuring the Cisco ASA security appliance products. This examination will also help the candidates to enhance their skills in the Cisco ASA security appliance products.

Exam objectives:

The following are the exam 642-515 objectives for better knowledge to the candidates and they are:

1) Verifying and configuring the CSC SSM as well as AIP SSM modules
2) Verifying and configuring the secured connectivity using the SSL VPN’s
3) Verifying and configuring the secured connectivity using the IP sec VPS’s
4) Verifying and configuring the dynamic routing, security appliance switches as well as NAT.
5) Verifying and configuring the protocol application inspection application as well as modular policies using the framework for security appliances

Other exam details:

Candidates can register for the examination in any one of the Pearson VUE centers or in the Pearson website online by paying the exam fee (approximately 250$). The examination can be scheduled by the candidates according to their convenience after paying the exam fee. Examination comprises of 55 to 65 questions with multiple choices, drag- drop, built a tree, re- order type questions.

Regarding the exam language options, candidates can write the examination in Japanese language where 30 minutes time can be extended. Candidates who are writing the examination in Japanese apart from English should report the same in Cisco or in Pearson VUE centers at least 15 days before the commencement of the exam.


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