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How to Generate Insurance Leads Fast With a Practically Free Insurance Website

As someone who’s been around the block 10 times with websites, I can tell you unequivocally the BEST solution for totally professional, VERY CHEAP, and totally user friendly (able to be edited by you, online without having to know anything about code) is WordPress.

You can use WordPress as a blogging software, or you can use it as your website templates, and it’s totally free and very Search Engine friendly.

After wasting thousands on websites in the past I finally got smart and here’s what I did and here’s what you should do as well.

3 Steps To Fast, Easy and User Friendly Insurance Websites

1. Go to rentacoder.com, put up a bid for a web designer from the Philippines to install a wordpress blog on your site.

Bid for less than $50 bucks.

You can open up the search for more countries, but I’ve had nothing but good results working with Philipino dudes. Working with clowns from other countries has been a nightmare. ( Avoid India at all costs).

2. Then search Google for “wordpress templates” and you can find some awesome, free and professional templates for your use.

3. Choose your coder and template, and there, you’ve got a site up in no time flat.

This is the BEST website solution that exists on the market today, especially for guys like us who aren’t web geeks.

Remember to create an opt in box on your landing page so you are sure to capture your prospects information when they land.

A website should be used for one thing and one thing only: That is to capture contact information from your visitors. That is obviously what we want, a lead to sell our insurance to.

So how do you do it?

The simplest way is to offer something of value to them. A CD is still a great tool to use as a lead generator. Offer an audio cd on “How to Avoid Wasting Money on Your Insurance.” if they input their information in on your site, and BINGO, you’ve got a new lead.

You can use aweber.com to follow up via email, they are cheap, only 20 bucks a month for email autoresponders, and they do a great job.


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