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How to Generate Your Own Hot Internet Insurance Leads

Are you tired of throwing money at supposedly hot internet leads that aren’t? What if you could generate your own real leads through the internet? Think it’s impossible? Well, it’s not.

Yes, you can generate your own internet leads for highly qualified prospects. All you need is a simple one page web site to do it. Before you get started there is a common misunderstanding you’ll want to avoid.

Most people think their website is a marketing tool. Wrong. Your website is a sales tool.

In your case your web page is selling your web visitor on the idea of giving you their name and email address in exchange for something they want. This first sale is important for two reasons. First, by giving you their email address they’re giving you permission to market to them over time until they’re ready to buy. Second, this is the first step helping you to filter your prospects for the people ready to buy now.

You can put up a one page web site for almost no cost. It’s so easy to do anyone can do it. There really isn’t anything keeping you from having a one page website and generating your own leads.

As you build your web page there are three questions you must answer for any visitor you send to this web page. The first thing you must do is confirm the visitor is in the right place. Your marketing communication sent them to this page.

They took the time to visit the page because they’re interested in your marketing communication. Once they get there the easiest way you can confirm for the visitor that they’re in the right place is to use the same language you used in your marketing communication to get them there. Eliminating this confusion means more of your visitors will get to the next question in their minds.

Now that they know they’re in the right place they next want to know what they can do on this page. When you give the visitor options and have links that take the visitor away from this page you’re increasing the likelihood that visitor will leave your web page without doing what you want them to do. Keep it simple by giving the visitor one and only one option on this page.

Finally, your visitor is going to ask themselves if what they can get is of greater value than the cost of sharing their information with you. That means you have to give your visitor information you know they want.

And there you have it. As easy as one-two-three you’re generating your own highly qualified hot internet leads increasing your sales.


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