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How to Improve Your Performance in Affiliate Marketing

So, you’re an affiliate marketer, and you’ve been making a few sales here and there. Although you appreciate any and every sale you make, you still wish you could make some more. You feel that you could make some more money if you really try.

So what’s holding you back?

What can you do to see an increase in sales and earn more profits?

Here are some tips on improving your performance.

  • Start personalizing your email communication.

Any ole’ affiliate marketer can send out regular email communication to their customers. This is hardly a new concept. However, have you ever sent out an email campaign segmented based on the purchasing habits or personal preferences of your consumers?

Instead of creating one generic newsletter to send out, create five or six different ones containing different information on specific topics. Separate all of your customers into five or six groups based on their interests and send each group the appropriate email. Everything, including the subject line, content, and calls to action should be personalized.

  • Create a top-notch FAQ page.

Make it easy for your customers to find the information they need on your website by spicing up your FAQ page. Organize the questions by category. Customers appreciate a well put together FAQ page because they don’t have to search the entire site just to find more information on something in particular.

It’s essential that you remain consistent with your answers, provide an easy to read page, and keep the information up to date. Remove items when they no longer apply, and add new items that are relevant to the changes you make to your site.

  • Use social networking as a way to improve communication with customers.

A customer-based Twitter or Facebook page is a good Twitter or Facebook page. The best approach to social networking is to make it all about your customers – NOT you or the products you’re trying to sell.

Social media channels allow you to answer questions from customers who are interested in your company or the affiliate products you’re trying to promote. It also allows you to reach out to followers who are inactive. Try making social networking an interactive experience, and your targeted market will appreciate it. You can learn a lot about potential customers and what they want.

  • Do better research on keywords and keyword phrases.

Don’t automatically assume that the most popular and obvious keywords are the best. While more people are searching for them, the odds are they won’t find your page – especially if it’s a saturated market. What you need to do is use popular keyword sparingly and put more focus on less popular ones. Sometimes the best keywords are the long-tail ones. When somebody goes through the trouble of typing four or five words in a search engine, it means they are looking for something specific. Make sure your webpage is optimized with that specific information they are looking for.

Also, center your Google AdWords campaign on long-tail keywords.

  • Be highly selecting with your choice of products to promote.

Don’t just promote products because they happen to represent your niche. If you give your customers a product or service that’s cheaply put together, they will never visit your site again. Do research on each and every product and select no more than four to promote at any given time. If you haven’t been making many sales, maybe it’s time to start promoting different products.

Also, rule of the thumb: never promote anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.

  • Update your site and/or blog at least once a week with new, relevant information.

If you never make updates, then how can you expect people to keep your site bookmarked? They might return a few times, but when they realize that you’re not adding anything new, they will get bored and move on.

Whenever you update your site with fresh content, whether it’s news, articles, pictures, videos, etc… , be sure to announce the updates on your social networking pages. Also, set up an RSS Feed so that visitors can receive news about your updates via email or a feed reader.

If you follow these steps, you should see an improvement in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Keep in mind that you probably won’t become a millionaire overnight. Affiliate marketing is something that takes time, effort, and perseverance.


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