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How to Make Back-End and Residual Commissions Effortlessly!

What is residual income? Well residual income is the money that an independent contractor or affiliate marketer gets to pocket without effort or doing any work. It surely doesn’t get better than this. Selling back-end products will allow for you to be paid for work that you have to do a number of times. In essence, the bigger picture is for you to work smarter and not harder here.

So you may ask, what are the back-end products? This will be the service or product that you will present to your current customers/clientele. These will be those people that have purchased a front-end aka lead product from you at one point. The most successful of online marketers make the bulk of their money by selling their customers/clientele the second, third, etc. products than they did on that first product. What is the reason for this? Well, if the person has bought something from you in the past, they will be more prone to purchase from you again.

You want to take focus from short-term strategies like the “take the money and run” strategy and use approaches like back-end offers because they are not as in use in the internet world. I’m sure you have seen a fair share of the “take the money and run” websites all over the internet. Their focal point is to get tons of traffic and then sell the visitor an extremely costly product that does not deliver what it is said to deliver. This may allow money to be made in the short run but that will be their only sale to that particular customer. This will then turn into the person having to spend a ton of money on more advertising to try and get more visitors to bamboozle.

The sites that you see that are more successful focus mainly on creating and maintain a solid relationship with the customer. Your main goal is to see to it that your customer is exceptionally satisfied and not just somewhat satisfied. Your customers will be more apt to trust you if you deliver what you say you are going to deliver to them. You can sell them virtually anything if you have their trust. So then whenever you send them an email that will offer them something else you think they may be interested in, they will immediately purchase from you because they now trust in you. In the marketing and sales world, trust is everything.


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