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How to Profit As an Affiliate Marketer

Many people that start out promoting other people’s products as an affiliate are not making as much profit as they would like, or worse still, making no profit at all.

The truth is, you CAN make a healthy income from affiliate marketing but there is a right and a wrong way of going about it.

Some people think that if they just promote their affiliate link then they will start to see big profits.

This is a mistake by many as once people click on the link, they are then directed to the product owners website where they will either buy or not buy.

If they buy, well then that’s fantastic, but if they don’t buy then that’s it, that potential customer has been lost and the chances are that they have signed up to the product owners list where the product owner can then keep in contact with them and sell it to them at a later date.

There may be reasons why they didn’t buy this time. Perhaps they are not ready yet but will be in the future, or maybe they are waiting until pay day.

But if you are not the one keeping in contact with them, then you will not make any money when they are ready to buy. The only winner here is the product owner.

And what have you have gained? A big fat nothing!

So what do you need to do? You need to build your own customer list. Rather than directing potential customers straight to the product owners sales page, direct them to your own landing page where they can sign up to your list.

Once they have signed up to your list, you can then email them the affiliate link. Then if they don’t buy first time, at least you can keep in contact with them and build up a relationship with them.

If you build your own list of potential customers, and keep in regular contact with them, then they will come to trust you, and ultimately want to buy from you. The other great thing is, is that you can promote other related products to your list.

Once someone has bought a product from you and they are happy with it, then they will be twice as likely to buy from you again and again, but you must stay in contact with them.

So how do you keep in contact with them?

Well you can give your potential customers advice and tips about your chosen market. Maybe send out a weekly newsletter or video. Now, you’re probably thinking that sounds like a lot of work. Not true!

You will only need around 1-3 hours each week to do this and you will only need to write each email once.

You can sign up to an email auto responder such as Aweber which, once set up, will send your emails to your list automatically. Aweber is a great marketing tool and costs very little.

So to summarise, you will need to set up a landing page and direct potential customers to your page where they can join your list.

Keep in regular contact with your customers and send your affiliate link in an email once they’re on your list.

You can then send other related offers to your list via affiliate links.

So, I hope you can understand how this way will work so much better for you and increase your profits massively.


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