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How to Sell Insurance – Really

Here’s the million dollar secret. Stop selling insurance. No one wants to buy insurance. Your best potential clients think insurance is an unnecessary expense. It’s something they dread thinking about let alone talking about or doing anything about. They don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

Yes, there are a few a tiny few people who know they want insurance. They’ve had an experience that’s made them not just want insurance. They want it yesterday. That’s great. It’s your dream. Although in many cases the very experience that’s made this person so determined to get insurance also makes them nearly uninsurable. Boo.

Insurance isn’t just a necessary evil there are lots of reasons it’s a really smart investment for lots of people. The problem is the very people who need you most don’t know about or don’t believe those reasons. Now that stinks.

If you really want to sell insurance and sell a lot of it to eager buyers you must never start off by never talking about insurance in any communication. Once you say the “I” word the person you’re talking to shuts you out and tunes you out.

You might get a reaction similar to the reaction you’d have getting sprayed by a skunk. You’ve had that experience. The one where at the very mention of the “I” word the person you’re speaking with turned openly hostile toward you and acted like you stunk like a skunk.

Think about. Why is insurance right for the people you want to sell insurance to? What is it they want?

Now take whatever answer you came up with and ask yourself, “So that?” Keep asking yourself that question and coming up with an answer until you get to the real deep emotional reason someone absolutely has to have what you offer so that…they can get what they passionately want.

Once you know the real reason the people you want to sell insurance to want to buy insurance you know how to talk to them. You know how to talk to them so they’ll want to talk to you. When you have more people who want to talk to you because they want to know how you can help them you sell more insurance.


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