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How To Turn Affiliate Marketing Into Your New Cash Cow

It can be really hard when your finances hit rock bottom and every day is a struggle to make ends meet. However, its not just tough for people living in the U.S. but people all over the globe are struggling too. In the July 2012 report of the Consumer Federation of America report, 38% say they are living paycheck to paycheck and only 34% are at a position to retire comfortably from savings and investments. The rest are comfortable but working double shifts or depending on a double income family.

This is one reason the Internet has become the saving grace for so many individuals and families. The reason being – there is money to be made, money that can ultimately help you get out of the rat race and build financial freedom. One avenue that has turned things around for many struggling people is affiliate marketing. In fact, there are millions of affiliate programs and even more affiliate marketers making over $65,000 a year or more (working part time or in addition to a full time position). In short, affiliate marketing is not the kind of career that will tie you down to an office or require you to report to a boss.

If this sounds like a great choice, here are some valuable tips from affiliate masters who have willingly shared their experiences and tips such as:

Use your connections but don’t rely on them solely to purchase advertised products. Although it can be important to let family and friends know what you’re marketing, they should not be your target market. Instead, they are your personal network and should be respected. With this respect, they will continue to trust you and hopefully recommend you to others within their network. One of the biggest hurdles an affiliate marketer has to face is building trust so that no one would question his credibility or call him a spammer.

Use links well and based on studied results. Links are what will drive traffic in order to increase your income as an affiliate marketer. It is extremely important that you keep reviewing their position and adjust it accordingly. Also, don’t use too many links or partner links that don’t complement each other. You’re a marketer, not a marketplace.

Get an expert to teach you the ropes. There are many professional affiliate marketers who would agree to help you out for a reasonable fee. It’s worth investing in as long as it’s results-oriented. By hiring a successful mentor, you will receive hands on training and help along the way.

Hire an accountant if you’re too lazy to do the accounting yourself. While most affiliate programs are not going to risk their business by skimming off your commissions, it does pay to check it once in a while. It’s not only a way to motivate you but also to let the big guys know you’re watching them.

Get sample products! One of the treats of being an affiliate marketer is being able to get free samples. Many programs will offer either a big discount or free test products which could really boost your personal appeal with the people at home. It also helps if you really believe in the product before you endorse it.

The money you can earn with affiliate marketing can run in the thousands of dollars every quarter if you work the system and keep your affiliate name clean. It can even earn passive income while you’re on vacation or working another job. Just make sure you follow the rules under the Federal Trade Commission on endorsements and testimonials so it’s clear and green all the way to the bank!


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