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How to Watch Your Words and Sell More Insurance

The words you use have a dramatic impact on the people who receive them. Unfortunately, the insurance industry has a bad habit of using words that are counterproductive. The worst thing is you use and hear those words so often they are such a natural part of your conversation you don’t even notice them.

You can’t say the same for your potential clients. They do notice. In many cases the words you use produce the exact opposite results you’re trying to get.

Let’s use an example. Please don’t look at the example and say to yourself, “I don’t sell that kind of insurance so this doesn’t pertain to me.” The point is the same no matter what insurance products you sell.

This particular phrase is such a blatant example of what you don’t want to say it will make the impact of the words you use perfectly clear. The product I’m referring to is Final Expense Insurance.

How does that phrase impact your potential client? All three words used to describe these products tell a potential client they don’t want it, they don’t want to talk about it, and they sure as heck don’t want to buy it. Three little words to set you up to lose-lose-lose.

One of the words in this phrase instructs the potential client how to think about the product. You’re telling them this isn’t a benefit you’re telling them it’s an expense. What do most people want to avoid? Expenses. Especially unnecessary expenses.

Then there’s the little insurance word. Another word telegraphing to potential clients this isn’t for them. People think of insurance as an unwanted unnecessary expense that should be avoided unless you’re forced into it. Do you really want to arm wrestle your potential clients into buying? I certainly hope not.

And then this phrase is neatly wrapped up with the wonderful final word bow. You show me a person who wants to think about or talk about their death and I’ll show you someone who is probably already too sick for you to help either mentally or physically.

If you want to sell more insurance you must never ever talk about or present what you do in the language the industry gives you. Focus on the outcomes, results, and solutions an ideal client wants. Tell them about it in their language.


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