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Hypnotize Direct Mail Prospects With Descriptive Words

While it is important what you say in your insurance direct marketing piece, often words impact little emotional effect. Descriptive words in a carefully written phrase are enough to electrify you prospects brain into thinking positive thoughts about your products. You are not using repetition to put your client to sleep. Instead chosen descriptive words almost forces his mind to accept. Thereby a buying desire results.

During this fantastic journey to the center of the mind, it all stays transparent to the client regarding the reaction he receives. Descriptive word phrases implanted into your direct marketing sales pieces literally forces the client to keep reading. This occurs even if it is a subject that he or she was not initially seeking. Increasing usage of descriptive words and word phrases causes not just the headline to start flashing like a neon sign, but also your entire offer.

Television evangelists know that to attract masses of attentive listeners. They heavily spice up a sermon with a tantalizing dose of descriptive word phrases. Sometimes they are able to create so high a fever pitch they have listeners falling over in the isles. An evangelist knows that preaching alone is not going to convert people over. Instead he must keep using descriptive words to almost effortlessly keep them stimulated at a high fever pitch. He knows now important it is to get the adrenaline pumping. Then when he knows he has said enough he gets them to donate or purchase his latest book or gospel series. An excellent salesman indeed!

As an insurance direct mail marketer seeking hot prospects, you do not have the opportunity to be right there. Looking at your client eyeball to eyeball does not yet exist at this phase. Therefore, you enhance your direct marketing prospects minds using descriptive words just like a television evangelist does. Your words must keep prospects on the highest road, keeping them from evil consequences and enhancing their life. Descriptive words, especially using a phrase of words, becomes your personal direct market salesman. Let your word salesman leap out at the prospect, and jump every hoop until they reach your irresistible offer.

Here is a sample listing of numerous key descriptive word phrases that are rated explosive. You may use them, or better yet they could get your mind ticking to develop a killer phrase of your own. Read through the list below, and print out this article. This way you are immediately prepared to note some additional word phrases as your mind starts rapidly spitting out phrases as quick as you can jot them down.

This is the first group. Determined to be your source, develop the best strategy, developed by experts, devised by a sure genius, discover a new world, dollar days, discover the difference, discount expires on, don’t delay, dollar for dollar, don’t spend more, double your profits, dream the impossible, earth shattering, easily rise to the top, economically sound, levitate to the upper level, electrifying results, eliminate competition, email line open 24/7, eagle eye, enjoy the independence, essential ingredients, everyone qualifies, everything supplied, everything you expect, email us now, exceeds any expectation, exchange ideas, exclusive marketing rights, everything you want, exciting details, exchange pennies for dollars, exclusive offering.

You probably want more, so here they are: Experience The Thrill, exclusive territory, extensive research, experts only, exempt from competition, expand your vision, explode the sales chart, exclusively yours, expand your wallet, explode your neighborhood, exposing the secrets, Extra! Extra!, extras at no charge, extravagant benefits, explore new territory, eye catching, face to face, fair and balanced, fast money, fierce competition, feel independent, fast track, fill the gaps, faster then lightening, and feel like superman.

No need to flip out. (that’s the last one to get you pumped up)


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